The ultimate gardening guide

While spring is an ideal time to begin a large gardening project, different plants thrive in different seasons. As such, there is no wrong time to create your dream garden - whether it be edible, floral, privacy trees or a mix. We have a huge selection of resources to get you started, keep reading to learn more! 


Getting Started

Before you jump right into selecting your plants, consider the following... 

man ticking off gardening checklist

Things you need to know before creating an edible garden
Get a taste for the outdoors with this edible garden guide. It covers need-to-knows such as creating garden foundations, layout considerations, veggie options and garden maintenance.

The modern greenhouse guide
For those wanting year-round self-sufficiency, a greenhouse is your answer. This greenhouse guide provides an abundance of advice and inspiration, whether you want something small and practical or innovative and luxurious!

FAQs: Gardens and planting
So, you have a vague idea of what you want your garden to look like, but do you actually have a plan in place of how to achieve the look you’re going for? This article takes you through the basics - from soil options through to fertilising.

Companion planting
The practise of companion planting aims to improve growth, biodiversity, pest prevention and plant interaction. If you’re not sure what plants will pair well in your garden, check it out. 

The landscape design checklist
What is it that you are trying to achieve in your garden? If you are yet to figure out your home exterior priorities, this checklist will get you on the right track.


Edible Plants

Now that you have a basic idea of what you want to achieve, you can really sink your teeth into growing your own fresh produce. Take your pick from the following...

Grow your own fruit and vegetables
In this growing guide, we show you how to introduce six kitchen favourites to your garden. Learn about the sun and drainage needs of peanuts, mangos, quinoa, chickpeas, pineapple, and avocado.

Kids vegetable gardens
If you’d like your kids to know more about living off the land, this guide is for you. Find out what veggies are easy to grow, how to attract bees and butterflies, learn about bug control and get ideas on how to teach kids to be responsible for their own gardens.

How to plant and care for avocado trees
Ah, avocados. Loved by Millennials, seniors and (almost) everyone in between, these green gooey fruits are a garden must-have...if you can get them to grow. This planting guide will set you up for success! 

Peachtree plant and care instructions
These juicy fruits are full of health benefits. Find out about their history, types to choose from, their ideal planting conditions, maintenance needs and more!

How to plant and care for feijoa trees
Easy to pick off the tree and enjoy, feijoas are a popular garden choice boasting an abundance of vitamin C and dietary fibre. If you’re thinking of planting some feijoa trees, here’s what you need to know.

How to best plant and care for apple trees
With so many types to choose from, apple trees can be planted in backyards of all sizes. If you’re unsure of what season and soil to plant them in, find out here.


Trees and Plants

With so many plants and trees to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when creating a garden. Whether you are interested in a particular colour scheme, you want to improve your property’s biodiversity or you would like to achieve more privacy - these popular trees and plants provide options for everyone.

Titoki Trees - planting and care instructions
These New Zealand natives have an interesting history - they were historically used by Maori tribes for medicinal and aesthetic purposes. Whatever your attraction to these glossy green canopies, you can enjoy them in your own backyard with the help of this planting guide.

Palm trees – planting and care instructions
If you are in the process of converting your property into a tropical staycation, don’t look past including palm trees in your landscape design. Warm, well-drained soil is key to growing happy palms - but that’s only one out of many things to consider.

Plant and care for ‘Pyramidalis’ hedges
If you are looking for a tree that is tall and narrow, Pyramidalis is a great option. While it’s not a fussy tree, it prefers well-drained soil and minimal pruning. 

Peonies – planting and care instructions
Before you purchase peonies, be aware that they thrive in cool climates. This article covers the best time of year to plant them, ideal companion plants and common issues.

Creating a sanctuary with native plants
Attract tuis, wood pigeons and a wide range of native New Zealand wildlife by introducing native plants into your garden. Here, landscaping specialist Tracey Barker guides us through some of the most popular native plants in New Zealand.

Hollywood Juniper planting and care instructions
With a name like “Hollywood Juniper” you wouldn’t think this plant was a Japanese native. It’s a great fit within a range of garden styles - particularly coastal. Fun fact: the berries of this tree are the main ingredient in gin! If unique and low-maintenance sounds like you, read the full article to learn more about growing this tree.

Hydrangea planting and care instructions
Before opting for hydrangeas, it’s important to consider the types you can choose from and the height they will grow to. While these pretty flowers are low-maintenance, make sure you give them a good headstart in life. Find out how, here.

‘English Box’: planting and care instructions
Search “durable, low-maintenance gardens” and you’ll likely come across Buxus - a type of box hedging that can add structure and formality to almost any style of garden. While it’s reasonably self-sufficient, Buxus leaves will turn yellow if the hedging isn’t given enough space.

How to create a bee-friendly garden
If sustainability is key to your garden design, you will likely be interested in plants that will attract bees. A bee-friendly garden comes down to a range of factors including colour, plant species and year-round garden vibrancy.

Planting that thrives as mercury drops in winter
Winter gardens can provide a lovely contrast to cold, gloomy weather. This article lists a range of flowers, edibles and native plants which will keep you feeling uplifted throughout the seasons. 


Garden Maintenance

So you’ve got a plan, you know what plants you like and you’ve gained an understanding of how to plant and care for them. Great! Now for the final step - are you ready for the responsibility of maintaining your garden? The resources below have been designed to simplify your life as a gardener! 

garden maintenance


Our annual maintenance calendar
Every plant has its own preferences and needs. This annual garden maintenance guide will help you to know what your garden needs when, so that it flourishes year-round.

The ultimate guide to watering your garden
Keeping a garden healthy is as simple as watering it with the garden hose once a day, right? Wrong! This garden guide includes expert advice on when, how and what to use when watering your garden.  



How much does it cost to create a landscaped garden?

Finally, if you’re working within a budget, don’t forget to do your financial research. This comprehensive garden cost estimate explains what costs are included in basic, mid-range and high-end garden makeovers.   


Bring in the experts!
Planting your ideal garden can take a lot of time and research. If you’d like some help, get in touch to schedule a free consultation with your local Zones landscaping specialist.

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