Three Reasons to Landscape During a Staycation!

Are you suddenly finding yourself stuck at home with nothing to do? Did you have travel plans that are no longer viable? Why not have a STAYCATION! Zones Landscaping can help you make the most of your self isolation period.

Here are the top three reasons to make progress on your landscaping while on lockdown:

  1. Start PLANNING
    Have an amazing landscaping idea? There’s no need to wait to get started! Zones offers FREE video call consultations where we can discuss every detail of your project. Through this process, we can figure out whether we are the right fit for one another, while creating a thorough plan of how to make your dream landscape a reality.

  1. Focus on DESIGN
    Did you know landscaping projects can often spend 4 to 12 weeks in the design phase? Make the most of your downtime by getting a headstart on your planning! Zones will work with you to conduct measurements and create accurate concepts. Our design team is also available through video calls—it’s incredible how much you can get done from the comfort of your home!

  1. INVEST in your future
    If you were saving up for a holiday, there’s no reason to let that money go to waste. By investing those funds in your home’s landscaping, you’ll be gifting your future self a nestegg!

By taking care of the PLANNING & DESIGN you’ll be ready to get your landscaping project on the way when the dust settles!

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