Top 10 New Zealand gardening trends

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ARTICLE Tony Murrell

Create the ideal garden for your requirements with our top 10 New Zealand gardening trends:

  1. Moveable gardens: The growth of the rental market has seen an increase in popularity of container gardening, which allows you to move your garden when you do.
  2. Worm farms and compost bins: Worm farms and compost bins are great for creating beautiful soil that will keep your garden beds in top condition – and you can be happy knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet.
  3. Decorative gravel: Honeycomb matting enables more people to create portable utility areas with colourful gravel. This paving solution is great for renters and those on a budget.
  4. Annuals: Annuals are experiencing a revival. These colourful plants are cheap and easy to grow, and look great in containers.
  5. Edible gardens: Be it a veggie plot or citrus in a container – edible gardens are extremely rewarding and very popular.
  6. Shared gardening: Do you have lots of space, but no time to grow veges? Maybe one of your friends will do it for you. Providing space for communal gardening can be very satisfying and you get to eat the fruits of someone else’s labour.
  7. Greenhouses: Small greenhouses allow you to grow your favourite plants all year round.
  8. Heirloom fruit trees: Benji Woodman (hyperlink to specialises in sourcing heirloom fruit trees that are guaranteed to thrive in your growing conditions.
  9. Ergonomic tools: Do you have a bad back or knee? There’s bound to be a garden tool that will take the pain out of gardening. See Fiskars (hyperlink to for more information.
  10. Garden clubs: There are garden clubs in every area of New Zealand, and they are a great source of information for beginner gardeners.

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