Top 5 Pergola Styles in Tauranga

A stunning pergola can transform a basic backyard into a sophisticated space to relax and socialise with shade from the sun’s harsh rays. By using innovative designs and weatherproof materials, a pergola allows you to enjoy your alfresco area year-round. 

What is a pergola?

Pergolas serve as stylistic focal points for your backyard or garden, and reflect your taste based on the materials you choose. They are made up of pillars or columns that support an open or closed roof. A pergola with a roof is common in New Zealand as a way to offer protection from sun and rain. Wood, aluminium, canvas, and glass are typical pergola roof materials in Tauranga. 

When you consider your material choice, it’s important to think about the kind of roof you wish to have for your pergola. In many cases, a louvre roof is the preferred option, particularly retractable louvre roofs that can offer as much or as little shade as you prefer, depending on the weather. 

Inspirational pergola with black metal

Create Your Custom Pergola in Tauranga

No two backyards are the same, so it’s important to consider a few points before constructing your custom pergola:

Assess your space

Think about where you’d like to install a pergola, and if you need one that has a closed or retractable roof. Tauranga’s warm, sunny climate might point you towards a retractable louvre roof that you can open in the spring and summer, but close during the wet winter months. This way, you can enjoy your pergola year-round.

Decide on materials

Powder-coated aluminium pergolas are ideal choices for their durability and versatility. However, you may prefer the look of a wooden structure or thatched roof. Tauranga yards tend to favour the minimal and sleek look, which can be achieved with both aluminium and timber.

Pick your roof

Automated louvre roofs are sought after by Kiwi homeowners because they are versatile and easy to operate. We see many retractable awnings in Tauranga, some of which are automated, and others that are manual. Keep in mind, the automated element can drive up the cost, but many see this as a worthwhile investment. Other roofing options include glass, canvas, or timber or metal slats. 

Click here to learn more about the cost of constructing a louvre roof in Tauranga.

Black metal pergola

Seek support from the pros

Tauranga pergola builders at Zones Landscaping can support the construction of your ideal pergola, working with you from the design phase all the way through to your completed structure. Through a tried and tested five step process, a local Landscaping Consultant can help you draw up the best design, source materials, and oversee your stunning new pergola’s installation in Tauranga. 

Top 5 Pergola Styles in Tauranga

And now, what you’ve been waiting to hear about – the top 5 styles of pergolas in Tauranga! In no particular order:

Curved Pergola

Curved pergola designs feature a curved roof that serves stylistic and functional needs. From an aesthetic standpoint, pergolas with a curved roof feel more spacious due to the tall ceiling at the apex of the structure. From a functional point of view, an aluminium curved pergola (also known as an aluminium arched pergola in Tauranga) is lightweight and splits rainfall between the house gutter and the pergola gutter, so that you don’t overburden your pergola’s gutter systems.

Gable Pergola

Gable or mono-pitch pergolas offer the most shelter from the sun and rain due to their triangular-shaped roofs. Wooden gable pergolas with a thatched roof offer a cottage-like classic style, while contemporary designs feature metal or glass. In Tauranga, aluminium mono pitch pergolas are popular for their clean aesthetic.

Open-top Pergola

A structure with no roof is considered an open top pergola. This type of pergola remains a top contender because of how it accentuates a backyard and provides a focal point. In New Zealand, many homeowners decide on an open-top pergola around their spa pool as a way to create a space that feels enclosed and protected, while still being open to the sun and breeze. For an ethereal garden look, add climbing plants to creep up the pillars of your pergola and drape across the top.

Retractable Louvre Roof Pergola

This classic style makes sense in the Bay of Plenty, which boasts sun drenched summers. Retractable louvre roofs or custom awnings in Tauranga can be made to create an extension to your home that can be covered or uncovered depending on the weather. You might turn this covered space into an alfresco living room or dining area. 

This Te Puna backyard features a louvred pergola roof to provide the perfect amount of poolside shade.

Solid Roof Pergola

To stay completely protected from the UV rays, you might opt for a solid roof option. To let some light in, consider a glass or translucent ceiling that acts as a sunroof. A solid roof makes your space highly usable year-round, without having to worry about opening or closing the roof.

Click here to read more about other popular pergola styles across the country and source inspiration for your own.

pergola above pizza oven

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