A bespoke verandah turns heads in Hataitai, Wellington

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Deck with custom screens

The backyard deck of this Hataitai home was exposed to the elements and the neighbours. A design-led Zones build created a stylish solution for privacy and protection.

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Space for change

What is the point of having an outdoor area in a city suburb if it’s not being well-utilised? Greg and Jay had a beautiful property in Hataitai, Wellington complete with a backyard deck, but they weren’t using it because the area lacked privacy and shade. The couple called on Landscaping Consultant Lia Boersma of Zones Wellington to come up with a solution.

Following a one-hour consultation with Lia, the couple felt comfortable proceeding with Zones’ end-to-end service because they knew they’d have Lia’s support every step of the way as their project manager. She would organise a reliable team of contractors, handle permits, and oversee the project as a whole. They were excited to start working with her on their customised verandah design.

Nailing the design

After taking the time to understand Greg and Jay’s vision, Lia set to work with a designer to come up with concept drawings. Aesthetics were as important as functionality for the new covered deck. 

The design concept included a combination of traditional enclosed roofing as well as rafters with ClearVue panels, offering natural light, shelter, and a sleek look. Stylish aluminium screens providing wind protection and much-needed privacy would be set in custom frames running on tracks to allow flexibility. 

Heaters and speakers would add to the comfort and ambience. Jay and Greg loved Lia’s proposals and were eager to move forward with construction and have their new outdoor space ready for the warmer months!

Curating the construction process

Once the couple signed off the detailed plans and costings, it was time to break ground. Years of practical experience and successful projects have made Lia well-acquainted with hiring contractors, sourcing materials, and completing the right paperwork to ensure the new verandah was code-compliant. Greg and Jay were able to relax knowing that Lia had a firm handle on the whole landscaping process.

The greatest challenge proved to be the groundwork. The excavation for the piles below the existing deck was a challenge for Lia’s team. The ground was extremely hard and lack of access to the back of the property meant there was no possibility of using a digger. So all of the excavation work was completed by hand!

Soon the verandah construction was underway. The aluminium privacy screens were the highlight, powder coated in black and mounted in custom-made picture frames that run on tracks for ease of movement. 

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A Stunning Outdoor Living Area

Greg and Jay are enjoying their sheltered and stylish new verandah, having achieved the indoor-outdoor lifestyle they dreamed of. The beams and battens in white, combined with some of the roofing in ClearVue panels, ensures the space feels light and bright, while the contrasting aluminium screens in powder-coated black offer privacy and wind protection with flair. Lia’s idea to add the screens to rolling tracks means the space can be flexible and customised to the couple’s needs at any time. Speakers and heating are the finer details that make a big difference when entertaining. 

Final Thoughts

Lia’s expertise in this design-led build made a huge difference for Greg and Jay. The new verandah is a superb example of style with functionality. Attention to detail is Lia’s forte, and she is thrilled with the results.

 “The verandah not only looks fantastic, but has transformed the outdoor living space,” Lia says. “From the tongue and groove ceiling battens to the custom screens on tracks, this is a tailor-made build that the clients absolutely love.”

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This project was completed in
May 2024
Project description
Outdoor living area
Project duration
3 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
$130,000 due to additional scope
Hard ground had to be excavated by hand as no access was possible for a digger.
Interesting aspects
Powder coated aluminium screens were set in custom-made picture frames and installed on a track to allow movement.
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Lia Boersma is a Landscaping Consultant of Silkworm Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Landscaping New Zealand, doing business in Wellington.

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