From Paddock to Paradise: A Stunning Balinese Landscape Design in Rodney

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With a vision of paradise and the space to go all out, this lifestyle block got the landscaping makeover of a lifetime, taking it from bland backyard to Balinese retreat in Warkworth, Rodney.

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Dreaming of Bali

Nestled just south of Warkworth lay a five-acre property and a blank canvas for the creation of a tranquil outdoor space. With a backyard of flax and cabbage trees, the homeowners wanted the main areas around their Rodney district home to give more tropical paradise than rural property. The client envisioned a design that seamlessly blended with the natural beauty of the Rodney district, offering a retreat-like atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment.

At the initial consultation, the client expressed their requirement for a landscape design that would evolve in stages as their budget allowed. Landscaping from the house outwards, they understood the project would be a big one. They were drawn to the Balinese aesthetic, wanting an outdoor space where they could unwind with friends and family while soaking in the serenity of nature. Although initially without a set budget, the client was keen on ensuring the design encapsulated their vision while remaining financially feasible.

Zones Landscaping Consultant Sandy Lochhead was tasked with transforming the main areas surrounding the house into a Balinese-inspired sanctuary, complete with an outdoor room, pool, decking, entrance area, paving, and lush tropical plantings.

Vision and reality align

With a complete wishlist in hand, Sandy was able to create a design that captured the essence of Balinese tranquillity. Drawing inspiration from lush tropical landscapes, Sandy integrated elements such as a pool surrounded by exotic plantings, Vitex decking for lounging, and an outdoor room for alfresco dining. However, as can happen with a large design-led project, the initial estimate surpassed what was financially feasible and Sandy worked with the clients to refine the scope to bring the costing back to a more realistic budget. The quote of $207,000 was agreed upon, and the project was one step closer to paradise.

With the design finalised, Sandy took charge of the less-fun aspects of planning – council consents and logistical challenges – so the clients could get on with their daily lives. The Zones team managed every detail and construction began March 2023.

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Through wind and rain

With such a large project on the go, Sandy knew from experience that attention to details would be imperative for a smooth construction stage. Right from the start, extreme weather wreaked havoc with the timeline, with the commencement date of January 2023 being delayed to March. The location of the property meant excavation was difficult and the team had to wait for drier conditions in an attempt to keep additional costs to an acceptable level. From excavation works for the pool and water tank installation to the construction of retaining walls and laying of artificial turf, it seemed every step was accompanied by bad weather and site-specific consequences of this. Expert collaboration with various tradespeople and contractors saw the project progress through the highs and lows as Sandy adapted the approach to minimise disruption and costs.

Despite difficulties, tiles were laid, the deck was built, and pool fencing was erected, with each phase of the build completed with precision and commitment to quality. Due to variations during the project, the final cost came in at $248,000, and after almost a year of tireless effort, the project was complete.

Worth the Wait

This once-vacant backyard has been transformed into a Balinese oasis, exuding serenity and sophistication. The pool area stands as the focal point, surrounded by plantings that will grow into a truly tropical garden, and complemented by the inviting warmth of the Vitex deck. The subtle glass and aluminium fencing around the pool takes care of safety while disappearing into its environment, minimising aesthetic disruption. On one side of the pool area is astroturf for year-round use; the other is smartly laid with pavers and pebbles, ready for a pergola to be erected in the future.

The end result is a harmonious fusion of design elements and the immersive ambiance created. The clients are thrilled with the result and have had plenty of company over to enjoy the outdoor area, stating: “We have been living in the pool the last few weeks!”.

Final thoughts

This Balinese sanctuary landscaping project is testament to the Zones Landscaping process. With thorough planning, creative ingenuity, and perseverance, Sandy and the Zones team were able to turn the clients’ vision into reality, transforming a bland backyard into their tropical paradise. 

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This project was completed in
May 2024
Project description
Outdoor Landscape
New Zealand
Project duration
12 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Significant delays caused by extreme weather and the consequences these had on site access.
Interesting aspects
The gorgeous plantings that will bloom into a lush tropical garden.
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Sandy Lochhead is Landscaping Consultant of Landscapes and Outdoor Living Limited, a franchisee of Zones Landscaping New Zealand, doing business in Rodney.

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