Landscaping specialist Leah Huang installed composite decking, paved backyard with minigolf and fireplace, screens, and a garapa gate in this Hamilton home.

The owner of this Hamilton home got in touch with Zones to get a complete landscaping done of their backyard. Landscaping specialist Leah Huang was brought on board to help with the project and she started by sitting down and understanding exactly what the client was hoping to achieve. The homeowner wanted new composite decking installed, along with screens and a garapa gate. He also wanted to pave his backyard and create a mini-golf area and add a fireplace. With the brief clearly defined, Leah and her team got to work.

Leah used the Zones process by providing initial designs that would be later executed by quality installation practices. 

Leah started by excavating the site and preparing for all the work that was to be performed. They leveled the landscape and dumped any unnecessary waste before getting started on the actual build.

She worked with several contractors during this project, including an electrician to connect the power points and a gas fitter to connect gas for the firepit. The homeowner purchased a firepit and gazebo that they were eyeing and Leah assembled and installed it for them.

The other materials, Leah supplied herself, including four Cirtex screens which her team also installed. She also supplied Firth classics 450 x 450 pavers and paving path, which they laid. 

Leah and her team acid washed and sealed the pavers, then added pebbles to fill up the old garden area. 

As the project was coming along nicely, Leah sourced and installed everything needed for the mini golf area. She also built two side gates using garapa hardwood. 

Finally, they built Bitform composite decking for the homeowner’s spa pool and installed a strip of decking around the back of the house for landing. 

“The interesting part about this project is that it is a 99% no maintenance backyard,” reveals Leah. “There is no garden at all, only pebbles. No lawn at all, only artificial grass. The deck is composite, which means there is hardly any maintenance required!” 

The end result is a beautiful and neat landscape that can be used for small gatherings or simply to relax. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

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