Dog-friendly backyard and garden update in Remuera, Auckland

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Dog-friendly backyard and garden update in Remuera, Auckland

With a new furry family member on the way, the owners of this Remuera home wanted to create a secure and dog-friendly space.

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With a new furry family member on the way, the owners of this Remuera home wanted to create a secure and dog-friendly space. They also wanted to update their garden with a colourful range of plants, focusing on red, orange, yellow and purple selections. High on their list of priorities was that the garden needed to be low maintenance, and a Bird of Paradise needed to be included within the final result. Zones landscaping specialist Thelma Meyer helped them to achieve their desired result.  

The brief

“The clients still wanted to be connected to the backdrop forest on their backyard doorstep,” tells Thelma. “They wanted artificial grass, non-poisonous planting and they also wanted to incorporate a sculpture into the garden. Irrigation was suggested because of the tricky area, the change of dry summer months that New Zealand is now facing and comfort for the career-driven family.”

After discussing the layout with the family, Thelma worked with landscaper Adrian Louw to carry out the project.

“This was a very tricky build with a very steep driveway down to their property as well as very narrow and steep steps down to this area” explains Thelma. “Improvisation was key!”

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A new lawn, balustrades, garden edging and softscaping

The artificial grass was installed along with powder-coated aluminium balustrades from Pacific Outdoor Solutions, creating a low-maintenance and secure outdoor space for the family’s new dog. The Zones team built new timber edging for the garden and painted this and an existing flower box black. From there, the garden was planted using the requested colour range, creating a vibrant frame around the backyard. The plant selections included red Bromelias, Pratia, Clivia and, of course, the Bird of Paradise. Irrigation was also installed, making it easy for the family to keep the garden healthy despite their busy schedules.

The final result

Within two weeks, the backyard space experienced a complete transformation.

“The backdrop forest is now inviting and adds value to the new garden”, says Thelma, adding:

“The existing planting (palms and trees) in the backdrop now feels part of their garden. I feel like the black aluminium balustrades capture the backdrop.”

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This project was completed in
June 2020
Project description
Dog-friendly backyard update
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
2 weeks
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Thelma Meyer is Landscaping Consultant of Tailormade Designs Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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