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In this four week project, Judd Stratful transformed a wet clay site into a lush, vibrant and private home landscape. \n

Judd Stratful helped this homeowner transform her property into a vibrant, lush and private home.

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Ready to complete the unfinished landscape design on her Auckland property, this homeowner brought in her local Zones Landscaping Specialist Judd Stratful. As the property’s developers had already stripped-out the property’s topsoil, Judd and his team were left with a wet clay site to work with. Their task was to transform it into a lush design that would provide the backyard pool area with some privacy.

“The customer wanted to move quickly and didn't want a design”, explains Judd. “We, therefore, sketched up a few ideas onsite, spoke about the plants she liked and then quoted off of that.”

Working with a trusted local contractor, Judd began implementing the customer’s ideal landscape layout. This began with excavation, during which Judd discovered water issues in the garden. He quickly scheduled in a drain layer, resolving the issues so that work could continue. Judd oversaw the project as hardscapers installed base course, pavers and decorative pebbles throughout the property. 

Timber-edged garden beds were built and, from there, Judd’s team planted the homeowner’s plant selections from the front of the property through to the rear. So that the plants would thrive, they added garden mix to the beds.  

From the front of the property through to the swimming pool and backyard, the property update features beautiful plants; including pleached Ficus Tuffy hedging underplanted with Clivia Miniata Fire Glow around the pool. Complete with newly installed outdoor lighting; the property now has a vibrant, homely feel.

“The final result was very good!”, concludes Judd. “It lifted the whole property and, no doubt, added value to the property.”

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Project description
A completely new front and backyard with hardscaping, softscaping, planting and outdoor lighting.
New Zealand
January 2021
Project duration
4 weeks
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Water and drain issues
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Judd Stratful is Landscaping Consultant of Rodney Landscapers Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Rodney.

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