Creating a Stunning Outdoor Living Space with Louvre Roof in Greenhithe, Auckland

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An ordinary and underused backyard space was transformed into a stylish and relaxing outdoor living area, perfect for entertaining friends and family.

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Makeover wanted!

What’s the point of a backyard if you’re not using it? That’s exactly what Haymon was thinking when he contacted his local North Shore Landscaping Consultant Richard Burge.

Haymon’s yard wasn’t untidy, but it wasn’t very inviting, so he wanted advice about how to transform the ordinary space into a beautiful outdoor living and entertaining area. Richard was only too pleased to help, and arranged a free consultation to see the property, talk ideas, and explain more about the simple Zones process.

Haymon’s existing backyard was a basic grassed area – previously used for the kids’ trampoline – and a simple edged garden in the corner filled with a cluster of trees and shrubs. He told Richard he wanted a complete re-imagining of the space, including a covered patio, a cosy feature fireplace, and a spruce up around the lawn and garden. Knowing that Richard had the experience and team to manage the entire project, Haymon welcomed him on board and the pair started working on a tailored backyard design. 

Designing the Perfect Concept

Haymon’s backyard connected to the inside kitchen and dining area via sliding doors. This setup was perfect for creating an outdoor living space that felt like a natural extension of the home. Richard planned a tiled patio with enough space for both a dining table and comfortable outdoor furniture for relaxing. To ensure the space could be used year-round, a louvre roof would be installed, as well as a gas fireplace for ambiance and additional heating. Louvre screens would also be included – fantastic for keeping insects out!

Elsewhere in the yard, new plantings, pathways, and lawn was planned, as well as moving the existing pool pump shed. While many trees would need to go to make way for the patio, provisions were made to relocate a favourite mature Japanese maple tree so it could remain a feature of the garden. With Zones, there’s always a solution!

Stress-free Transformation

With a beautiful concept signed off, it was time for the incredible transformation to begin. For many homeowners, finding tradespeople they can trust to deliver fair prices and quality workmanship during a renovation can be hugely stressful, but with the Zones complete end-to-end service, you can sit back and relax. Richard simply tapped into his existing network of trusted suppliers and professionals, and Haymon’s backyard was soon a hive of activity. 

From a demolition and electrical crew, to tilers, louvre installers, concreters, landscapers, and more, Richard expertly managed the entire schedule so that Haymon didn’t have to lift a finger. Plus, he remained Haymon’s single point of contact throughout the project, so communication was always simple and straightforward.

Haymon did consider an outdoor kitchen and significant lighting project but decided to tackle the first phase of the outdoor space first. The design did, however, include gas and electrical services put in place if Haymon decided to go ahead with a kitchen later, which was a smart future proofing decision.

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Relaxing Retreat Unlocked

It’s hard to believe that Haymon’s back yard is the same space it once was. The stock-standard grass and garden combo has gone, and in its place is a relaxing retreat that is perfect for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. The patio is the star, with plenty of room for dining or enjoying the sun, and a stunning gas fireplace feature that elevates it into a truly special outdoor living area. The investment in the louvre roofing and side screens has paid off, as the space can be used year-round and, with cosy heaters also installed, the family will always be toasty warm!

New large pavers set amongst pebbles with smart edging form a new pathway to the gated pool area, and the new, lush lawn and low maintenance planting looks fantastic.

Final Words

Richard delivered a stylish and functional outdoor living area that ticked all the boxes for Haymon and his family. They now have an inviting, and usable backyard as well as a picture-perfect patio that is exactly what they wanted for relaxing and entertaining in style. Richard is thrilled with the result. “This transformation was fantastic to see. The louvre roof and fireplace really elevate the space, and the quality of the finish is exceptional.”

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This project was completed in
September 2023
Project description
Louvred outdoor space and garden
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months
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Actual cost
Relocating a favourite mature Japanese maple tree
Interesting aspects
A gas fireplace elevates the outdoor living area
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Richard Burge is Landscaping Consultant of Burge Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

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