A Family-Friendly Backyard in Northcote Point, Auckland

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A Family-Friendly Backyard in Northcote Point, Auckland \n

The backyard of this heritage bungalow has been renewed with a modern design for outdoor living. Featuring a custom-built pergola, sleek decking, and lush garden beds, there is much to love about this landscape.

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The Initial Consultation

Wanting to simplify the process of landscaping, the homeowners’ of this beautiful heritage bungalow sought an expert who could handle every aspect. Their solution for this project was found in the professional assistance of Landscaping Specialist Kate Ryan. 

With their outdoor area needing a modern uplift, the initial consultation process with Kate explored cost-effective ideas to update their property’s landscape. Together, they discussed a multitude of options for the new backyard before establishing a rough concept.

The plan was to install a large pergola, ground-level decking, new sliding doors, retaining, garden beds, and pile foundations for a spa. In addition, it was important to level out the lawn, providing a flat surface for a new trampoline.

Project Costing 

From the get-go, the homeowners’ focus was always on quality over quality. They wanted to create a backyard that family and friends would enjoy for years to come. With this approach, there was no initial budget. However, in true Zones Landscaping style, Kate was dedicated to providing the most affordable yet durable solutions.

The new pergola was the main element to influence the final cost. While less expensive materials were proposed, the homeowners’ envisioned a timber pergola and were happy to see the increase the overall spend to achieve their dream landscape. In total, this landscaping project came in at $165,000. 

Project Timeline 

Resource consent was needed for the addition of sliding doors which required a roofline change. Typically, this wouldn’t take too long to acquire. But as they were working with a heritage building, the homeowners had to wait a while before obtaining approval. 

This wait for consent dragged out the project’s timeline. But despite the uncontrollable delay, Kate and her team of landscaping professionals put in the hard yards to ensure the project was completed as close to the initially set 90-day target.  

In just three and a half months, the homeowners were able to enjoy their completely transformed outdoor area. In all, it was a relatively short wait for the comprehensive improvements to be made, which have ultimately modernised the property.

An Oasis with Indoor-outdoor Flow 

The homeowners wanted their outdoor space to carry seamlessly from the home’s modern interiors while also improving the overall functionality, making it a breeze for entertaining friends and family. And the results are doubtlessly reflective of that vision. 

The new, cohesive outdoor area features a neutral colour scheme that harmonises beautifully with the rest of the home’s palette. Now boasting large-panelled sliding doors, the bungalow can open up entirely, blending the indoors with the outdoors.

Beautiful Installations

A grand highlight of the new landscape is the custom-built pergola. Its timber posts anchor the installation firmly in the heart of the backyard, and its polycarbonate roof provides shelter. And just as the homeowners wished, the pergola has been strategically designed to incorporate aluminium slats that distract from the polycarbonate roofing to keep it unseen. The pergola truly is a stunning centrepiece. 

Ground-level decking and a matching partition further add to the comfort of the living area, making it feel slightly separated from the rest of the backyard. This snug feel also continues on the side of the house, where the spa has been neatly tucked away, creating excellent entertainment value for moments of pampering and relaxation. 

Completing the landscape, black planter beds frame the property and bring the backyard to life with their lush plants. With the lawn perfectly levelled for a new trampoline, this bungalow’s outdoor area now provides a beautiful space to be enjoyed by the homeowners’ family and friends. 

Final Thoughts From the Homeowners

Katie, one of the homeowners, left a glowing review after the project. What largely impressed her was the quality of service she experienced through all aspects of the landscaping process. 

“From the design stage through to construction and planting [Kate, the Landscaping Specialist]  made it really easy. Her designer listened to what we needed and made the most of our space. All of the tradies she contracted to complete the work were really experienced and capable ... ​​ and we now get to enjoy a beautiful and functional outdoor living space” - Katie, Houzz review. 

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This project was completed in
July 2021
Project description
A modernised backyard for a heritage bungalow
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
3.5 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Delays with council consent
Interesting aspects
Custom-built pergola, ground-level decking, and large-panelled sliding doors.
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Kate Ryan is Landscaping Consultant of Woodbury Landscapes Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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