A Living Wall in Waipu Cove

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Zones installed a living wall for the proud owners of Paradise View Lodge.

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Interested in enhancing a new garden area within their lodge accommodation space at Paradise View Retreat, owners Rachel and Chris contacted landscaping specialists Jason and Anisa Clarke. Jason, Anisa and the team quickly helped the pair to put their ideas into a cohesive plan before producing a design and completing the project installation.    

“We engaged Jason and Anisa to provide some wow factor in a new garden area we were creating for our retreat property”, tells Chris. “We knew we wanted a “living wall” but that was all. Jason and Anisa came in and designed the wall and then sourced all of the equipment and plants to do the job.”

Green wall design

“Chris and Rachel's brief was to install a living wall into the outdoor courtyard of their lodge to help create a tranquil and natural space for their clients to relax in”, elaborates Jason. “Through our initial consultation process, we provided mood boards and pricing indicators to identify our clients’ preferences and project budget before the final plant selection and quoting was carried out.”

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During the design and planning phase, it became clear that Chris and Rachel were leaning toward a subtropical, lush appearance for the living wall. Jason and Anisa’s experience allowed them to select plants that not only met these aesthetic requirements, but that would also thrive in Waipu Cove’s coastal, sunny conditions. 

Green wall installation

“We chose a selection of predominantly native plants which included ferns, grasses, lilies and fuchsias, along with bromeliads to add a tropical feel to the wall”, explains Jason, adding that “an irrigation system was included and set up on an automatic timer to allow for easy day to day care of the wall.”

Three days and $6,500 later, Chris and Rachel were presented with their lush new living wall.

“The end result was exactly what we wanted and we have had many positive comments on the wall and what we have created in our Serenity Garden”, says Chris of the final result. “We would have no hesitation in recommending Jason Clarke landscaping for this type of work.”

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This project was completed in
September 2020
Project description
Green living wall
New Zealand
Project duration
3 days
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Interesting aspects
Native plants for a tropical feel
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Jason Clarke is Landscaping Consultant of Clarke Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Whangarei

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