Home entrance pathway with wow factor in Auckland

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Home entrance pathway with wow factor in Meadowbank, Auckland\n

Situated on the fringe of Orakei Basin, this landscape was upgraded to embrace its neighbouring lagoon and the greater urban suburb.

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When the homeowner contacted Rose Bridge, their local Landscaping Specialist, they were looking for specific help in building a pathway down the side of their property. There was a large amount of space to work with, and it needed to result in a refined look that wouldn’t take away from the natural surroundings.

Rose dove into the details of this primary objective throughout their initial briefing and came up with a feasible concept that would achieve the desired outcome. Enthused with the suggested plan, the homeowner went ahead with Rose’s design and had the costing and timeline evaluated.

For the project to happen, it would require eight weeks of construction and an exact budget of $157,000. Happy with this quick timeline and the broken-down budget, the homeowner had Rose and her renovation team get straight to work.

A Grand Entrance

The project was delivered to a first-rate standard of quality, while keeping to the planned timeline and budget. There’s certainly something to talk about with every feature as each has unique detailing. But coming in as the most eye-catching is the entrance.

The original space they were working with was bare, asymmetrical and had plenty of opportunities to establish new character. To design this opening feature, Rose brought in Alex, a talented designer from the renovation team, who came up with the smart layout that entirely lifted the look of the entrance.

The design planned to stagger rows of smooth bluestone pavers in a repeating pattern that would create an illusion of depth. And to lift the pavers further from the ground, light riverstone pebbles were filled in the surrounding gaps to establish contrast. 

Rose shares her love for the completed feature, mentioning it “has that wow factor that instantly catches your eye and is equally practical for walking on.”

The Timber Balustrade

A large part of the new landscape design involved constructing a timber balustrade along the front porch to blend with the existing balustrade that wrapped around the house. For this beautiful addition, the builders worked with the same light-coloured timber paired with aluminium battens to dress up the concrete porch. 

Perfectly fitted in conjunction with the entrance pathway, this feature provides a natural flow and air of elegance to the front of the property.

Framing with Plants

The property didn’t need a haul of new plants as an abundance of nature already surrounded it. Instead, a small handful of plants were selected to frame the landscape and establish a harmonic balance.

For the entrance, the renovation team planted vibrant flax grasses to break up the similar tones of the driveway’s concrete wall and the bluestone pavers. Then to complete the following pathway, they installed planter beds with lush green flax on both sides of each Kwila-clad landing.

Final Thoughts

Each element of the completed project indeed wove together for a seamless finish. From the eye-catching entrance right down to the terraced planter beds; the landscape has transformed into a free-flowing atmosphere.

Rose and her landscaping team are proud to have established the modern landscape which the homeowner most desired. Exquisite, but respectful of the encircling environment - this is more than an upgrade. It’s a tranquil and connected experience.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
Completely new entrance pathway
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
Creating an illusion of depth with bluestone pavers.
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