A Minimalist and Low-Maintenance Landscape for New Build in Hobsonville, Auckland

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Landscape with pavers and fresh lawn

The lot surrounding this new build in Hobsonville had potential; the homeowners just needed help to make the most of it.

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Planning Ahead

Kelvin and Jess had taken ownership of a new build property in Hobsonville, but their ‘house and land’ package didn’t include landscaping. With about a year to go until the projected finish of their home, Kelvin and Jess wanted to get the ball rolling on their outdoor design, so they reached out to Zones Landscaping. 

The couple was paired with Landscaping Consultants Louise Reeve and Logan Bridgens. Kelvin and Jess were laidback about the plans; they just wanted a modern, low-maintenance landscape to enjoy and relax around. 

Exploring the Possibilities

They didn’t specify a budget, only that they’d prefer to stay below $100,000, and though they had an idea of what they wanted, Kelvin and Jess were keen to hear different perspectives and have recommendations from Louise and Logan. Since the property was a new build, the lot was a blank canvas. There was plenty of time to discuss their options, find cost-effective products and suppliers, and come up with the perfect design.

Much of the design and planning stages took place over the course of stringent COVID restrictions, so many meetings were conducted virtually. This ‘downtime’ proved to be useful. Kelvin, Jess, Louise, and Logan were able to spend ample time perfecting the plans and choices so they could hit the ground running once the house build was complete. 

Starting the Build

With COVID restrictions coming to an end alongside the home’s build finishing, the landscaping could finally begin. Everything needed to be installed or built from scratch, but this presented an opportunity to create a truly bespoke yard for Kelvin and Jess. 

Over the next five weeks, the team whipped the landscape into shape. Timber fences were erected; classic paling on two sides and black horizontal decking timber fencing at the front boundary. Next came the readylawn, paver pathways surrounded by white chip stone, and retaining walls and planters. The final cost for the landscape came in under the preferred budget at $96,201.

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A Minimalist’s Dream

New builds sometimes lack character, but Louise and Logan have created a landscape that reflects their clients’ laidback style. Without the restrictiveness of railings, the low platform deck flows seamlessly onto the lawn while also creating defined entertaining areas. 

In keeping with the low-profile theme, seedlings, slightly elevated planter boxes, and paver walkways with white chip stone tie together the chic exterior. Around the corner, the laundry line is out of sight in a utility space defined by a small paver patio. The minimalist colour palette complements the tones of the home itself — black, white, grey, and cool-toned dark timber — and is the finishing touch to a perfectly cohesive property. 

Final Words

Louise and Logan are happy with both the results and the wonderful relationship they developed with Kelvin and Jess during their extended time working together.

Likewise, Kelvin and Jess are thrilled with the project results and the process throughout: “Logan, Louise, and their team have been super helpful and friendly. My wife even says they have great taste in music that they have been playing while working (with the odd vocal solo in the mix).”

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This project was completed in
August 2022
Project description
New build landscape
North Shore
New Zealand
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5 weeks
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Low-profile and low-maintenance design
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Louise Reeve is Landscaping Consultant of Bridgens Landscapes Limited, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

Logan Bridgens is Landscaping Consultant of Bridgens Landscapes Limited, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

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