A wind-proof outdoor entertaining area in Westmere

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This $50,000 project involved building a screened deck where the homeowners could comfortably socialise.

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Outdoor entertaining can be challenging when your outdoor space consists of high winds and a bumpy backyard. Seeking improvement, the owners of this Auckland property contacted Zones Landscaping specialist Rose Bridge to see how the Zones process could help them to achieve their ideal outdoor space.

"Our clients wanted to maximise the size and aesthetics of their outdoor area so that they would use it more and entertain outdoors", explains Rose. "However, the wind had always been a deterrent, preventing them from using the available space."

Landscape design

Being detail-oriented when it comes to designing and planning around a client's needs is part-and-parcel of the Zones process. Rose and her team ensured that they perfectly understood the homeowners' ideas and budget throughout the design process, offering a high level of customer service and communication every step of the way. 

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"Clear discussions over what the client was after during the design consultation was crucial so that we could eliminate options that weren't desirable to them", says Rose. "We needed to create something effective that would also compliment the house and the new deck, without adding too much to the budget. Essentially, we needed to design a wind-screen that would be durable as well as blend in with the new surroundings."

With a design, cost estimate and timeframe established that the clients were happy with, Rose and her team began the landscape transformation. Firstly, they needed to excavate and level the backyard, creating a blank slate on which they could implement the new design. 

Hardscaping and softscaping

They removed the property's existing pavers, synthetic turf and a few unwanted plants and then began building the new deck. The screen was installed along with a gate on the deck, creating much more shelter and privacy while also allowing easy access to the rest of the garden. Maintaining a consistent aesthetic, the beautiful blue screen was consciously selected for its colour which matches the door frames of the house.

After four weeks of work, the deck was installed, the screens effectively blocked the wind, and the fencing at the entrance and rear of the property had been improved. The homeowners now have an established, wind-proofed outdoor area where they can enjoy the fresh air and the company of friends and family.

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This project was completed in
October 2020
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Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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