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Homeowner Tania couldn't be happier with her unique private deck area and landscaped garden.

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Homeowner Tania had been considering making some improvements to her home’s landscape for a while. She wanted a landscape design that would provide her home’s rear deck with more privacy. She also wanted to improve the landscape design of the front and back of her property. After contacting Zones landscaping, Tania met with landscaping specialist Kate Ryan to discuss what was possible within her budget.

“Working with Kate was easy and stress-free."
- Tania, Zones client

“Working with Kate was easy and stress-free”, tells Tania. “Right from the first meeting, Kate understood exactly the look I was after. Kate’s team of experts were equally professional at all times; helpful and considerate.”  

Producing a new landscape design

“Tania wanted two areas of her property revamped and we did a landscape design for the whole section”, explains Kate. “The priority for them was to landscape the front and create privacy for the rear deck and outdoor living area.” 

After a design was drawn up, Tania decided she would initially focus on a privacy screen installation on the back deck as well as landscaping work on the front of the property - leaving the landscaping work at the rear of the property for a later date. Kate and her team began by preparing the front of the property for its transformation. They cleared many of the original plants, trees and hedging.

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Raised planter boxes

“When the old Tecoma hedge was taken out, it was a bit of a nightmare”, recalls Kate. “It was so big, and then underneath there was volcanic stone and rubble that we had to get a digger in for a day to clear. We put in beautiful, classic new planting to enhance the property. This included several raised veggie gardens in a previously unused area that receives plenty of sunlight.”

Kate also planted a variety of green and white flowers, such as Hydrangeas, white roses and white daylilies. New fruit trees were also part of the new landscape design. 

Outdoor privacy screen

Next up, they focused on the privacy screen - collaborating to ensure the design was just what Tania wanted - which Tania says she appreciated:

“We liked the communication throughout. Kate kept us up to date with progress and time frames. When we decided to make some small changes it was done without any problems. We appreciated that Kate was able to deal with problems as they arose and sort them out efficiently and effectively.”  

Kate worked with Pacific Powder Coating to create a pergola and the laser cut screens.

“The laser-cut panels were cut to fit the pergola panels. Tania chose a light "Gull Grey" rather than white, so that the screens wouldn't be too bright and would be easier to keep clean. The colour looks fantastic with the house! The laser cut privacy screens were uniquely designed for Tania and her family - they fold up and overhead to create dappled light on the deck while still providing areas of full sun. We positioned them so that they would block the two-storey house next door but also provide a stylish and enclosed feeling to an ambient entertaining area.”

“We love the final result! The landscaping is exactly what we wanted, in fact, better than what we imagined. It really was an easy project, in the end, thanks to Kate. If we knew how well it would go we would have done the job sooner!"
- Tania, Zones client

The final result

“Our favourite feature would definitely have to be the privacy screening/pergola on the deck - having a screen design created especially for us has given our home a unique feature that looks great and provides a purpose. We love it!” Enthuses Tania. “We love the final result! The landscaping is exactly what we wanted, in fact, better than what we imagined. It really was an easy project, in the end, thanks to Kate. If we knew how well it would go we would have done the job sooner!”

The planting list:

  • -  Ficus Tuffy  
  • -  Camellia 'Paradise Helen' 
  • -  Michelia ‘Lemon Fragrant’  
  • -  Escallonia White Profusion
  • -  Gardenia Augusta Veitchii 
  • -  Lomandra Tanika
  • -  Murraya Paniculata - Orange Jessamine
  • -  Rose - standard White Iceberg 
  • -  Zepheranthes Candidas 
  • -  Star Jasmine 
  • -  Lady in Red apple
  • -  Mandarin Satsuma
  • -  Carters Naval orange
  • -  Packhams Triumph pear
  • -  Luisa plum 
  • -  Hemeocallis ‘Joan senior’- Daylily White
  • -  Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’
  • -  Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Princess Juliana’
  • -  Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet shrub


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This project was completed in
July 2019
Project description
A privacy screen installation and refreshed landscape
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
8 weeks
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Kate Ryan is Landscaping Consultant of Woodbury Landscapes Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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