An elevated poolscape with a defined outdoor living area in Mount Albert, Auckland

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swimming pool on wooden deck

Subtle changes and stylish design turned this backyard into an outdoor escape for the entire family.

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Addressing concerns

Sinead, the owner of this Mount Albert property, was concerned for the health of the garden surrounding her chlorinated container pool. She wanted a solution that would provide an elevated aesthetic while also protecting the backyard flora. For expert guidance, Sinead got in touch with Zones and was connected with local Landscaping Consultant Kate Ryan.  

As per the 5-step Zones process, Kate engaged in an in-depth consultation with Sinead to better understand her goals for the landscape renovation. Sinead expressed her concerns over the chlorine and explained how she wanted to integrate the pool into the landscape instead of it being apart in one corner. Installing a louvre to help define an outdoor living area was also on the docket. 

Reconsidering the project scope

After wrapping up their initial consultation, Kate moved on to the concept and costing phases. While Sinead indicated that the project was design-led, she was mindful of the budget since other home renovations were also in progress. 

Kate’s initial design involved a $60,000 ticket; after careful consideration, Sinead opted to reduce the scope and therefore the cost. The second design iteration focused solely on the essentials, the louvres and the pool fencing. After she assessed material and fencing options that aligned with Sinead’s style, Kate’s next estimate came in at $44,000, which Sinead was happy to approve.

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Moving forward

Progressing through Zones’ five step process, Kate assembled a team of general contractors and specialists to execute the build, with builders, plumbers, electricians, and fence installers to the fore. Installing the glass pool fencing posed challenges, the stainless steel support spigots are not normally affixed to container pools. The team’s smart solution was to insert structural reinforcements under the metal lip of the pool to create strong installation points for the spigots.

After installing the louvres and related electricals, Sinead’s backyard transformation was ready for the family. The construction and finishing phases were completed within two weeks, on time and within budget.

A stylish result

Thanks to Kate’s skilled project management, Sinead’s backyard now has a completely new look. The overhead louvres accomplish the goal of creating a defined living space, perfect for adult relaxation while watching the kids enjoy the pool, and seamlessly integrating with the property’s existing exterior. 

The pool’s new functional embellishments have elevated its appearance and provided an additional level of safety and protection. Black aluminium railing complements the black siding while the contrasting warm-toned decking makes for a perfectly balanced design. The glass fencing will protect the surrounding soil and garden plants from chlorinated water without disrupting crucial sightlines to and from the pool.

Supplies were sourced from BelAire Fencing and Pacific Outdoor Solutions.

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This project was completed in
June 2023
Project description
Poolscape and Outdoor Living Area
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Sinead Hart
Project duration
2 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Affixing the glass fencing spigots to the container pool
Interesting aspects
High contrast design elements
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Kate Ryan is Landscaping Consultant of Woodbury Landscapes Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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