Waterfront property landscape in Welcome Bay, Tauranga

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Complete design makeover for garden and outside dining area in Tauranga, New Zealand.

When looking to upgrade their home's landscape the owners wanted to make sure it would enhance the area's scenic beauty.

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Just as its name suggests, Welcome Bay is an inviting suburb. With harbour views and the surrounding Kaimai mountain ranges, the location offers a beautiful environment to connect with nature.

Situated on the waterfront of the bay, this established property had been perfected in its build but was ready for an upgrade of the landscape. There was plenty of potential for the available land and the homeowners couldn’t wait to get started.

Looking for expert assistance, they reached out to Zones Landscaping from where they were guided to their local Landscaping Specialist. 

The Dream and Site Issues

During the initial briefing, their big dream came up first; the homeowners wanted to create a beautiful surrounding landscape. Paired with their waterfront view, this addition would make for a truly luxurious statement. But with this desired pool also came concerns for feasibility... 

After assessing the available land the homeowners were unsure of how the drainage and levelling would be achieved to meet installation requirements. Gathering these concerns, the landscaping specialist advised them to undertake the design process too (as they had originally sought help solely for the construction).

Opting for the complete service, these site issues were resolved as soon as the landscaping team began preparing the concept. The decision additionally gave them a chance to re-evaluate the spatial layout and get professional advice on the palette of colours and materials. 

Preparing the Best Concept

To establish the best concept for the property, the landscaping specialist and their team focused on feasibility first. This meant addressing all possible concerns raised by both the homeowners and the collaborating team of specialists. 

The main issues to resolve were the concerns around drainage and levelling for the pool area. Working with Del Tutto Pools (the pool installation contractor), the landscaping specialist assessed the land under the requirements of the Resource and Building consents. All necessary solutions were quickly established along with assurance for constructability of the project. 

Design & Costing

With the feasibility confirmed, the landscaping team went ahead and created the final detailed design. The homeowners wanted the entire alfresco space to be upgraded. But simply modernising the style and building with high-end materials wouldn’t be enough. 

The project needed to result in a family-friendly landscape that would be equally perfect for entertaining. These greater purposes were kept in full consideration throughout the design which was finally assessed for costing and came in at $150,000. With these costs approved, the landscaping specialist and the team got to work.

Building Luxury

To deliver the project with excellence, the landscaping specialist brought in a multidisciplinary selection of specialist builders, concrete and paving contractors, earth working contractors, electricians, and soft landscape specialists.

Construction started by building the expansive decking and concrete patio to surround the area. One of the noteworthy features here is the recessed pit that was established to house the pool cover which is hidden beneath a raised deck platform - which also, by chance, made for a wonderful sun lounger location. Also in the decking area, built-in seating was constructed to maximise room for a large family dining table. 

The entire garden underwent a full makeover. This reconstruction included laying a fresh lawn, artificial turf and planting a variety of dark green and burgundy coloured plants which combined for a lavish finish.

Adding just a little more luxury, the homeowners had red-toned timber fences, block planters, and smooth pavers placed strategically throughout the landscape to create a guided flow. And for entertainment? Lighting fixtures were installed in perfect placement to enhance the outdoor features and offer a beautiful evening experience.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
Pool installation and garden makeover
New Zealand
Project duration
Split over stages to work with Resource Consent for retaining
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Drainage and levelling needed to meet installation requirements
Interesting aspects
Expansive decking and concrete patio to surround the area
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