An Idyllic and Family-Friendly Front Yard in Ellerslie, Auckland

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A custom-made gate, extended deck, and contemporary spa pool.

Previously hosting the property's carport, this front yard has been completely transformed into a fully fenced landscape, featuring levelled lawn, an extended deck, and a contemporary spa pool.

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Taking the First Step

The homeowners of this 1920s bungalow came to Kate Ryan, their local Landscaping Partner, with a plan to convert their front yard into a more livable landscape for their family. 

As it was, half of the lawn had been taken up by the property’s carport, and the deck was small, leaving limited space for entertaining. The homeowners knew their front yard had greater potential. They simply needed an expert to orchestrate the transformation from design to build.

Their vision: a spacious, green landscape for their children to play, featuring an extended deck with room for a new spa pool, and new fencing for optimal seclusion. It was entirely possible, and Kate was thrilled to help them through the process.

Redesigning the Front Yard

To begin the project, Kate introduced the homeowners to Vaughan, her in-house Project Manager, who became their single point of contact throughout their landscaping journey.

With Vaughan, they explored the possibilities for redesigning their front yard. Their main ambition was to improve the area for their children. But it was also important to optimise the landscape for entertaining – spa pool included.

The final plan was to remove the carport and its concrete pad, level out the lawn, and completely upgrade the entire landscape. Improvements included extending the deck, installing a spa, establishing a garden, building a shed, and creating new fencing along with a custom-made gate.

Construction and Costing

Construction began in early February and was completed by the end of March. 

Vaughan ensured the process ran smoothly and according to schedule, all the while keeping the homeowners updated with any important information. They were thrilled with this stress-free experience as well as the build duration, which was significantly reduced compared to if they had undertaken the project themselves. 

While the initial budget was set to $50,000, it expanded to $59,000 during construction as the homeowners chose to change the deck proportions after it was built – a decision to create a more extensive lawn. They were more than happy to increase the cost for this adjustment. And it helped that the carport was able to be sold and taken away, saving on excavation costs.

An Entertainer’s Deck

The new deck extends from the front porch to create a spacious area with room for entertaining and a spa pool. Painted in the same light grey as the bungalow’s exterior, the extended deck flows on seamlessly and provides stairs at the end, leading down to the new lawn.

The deck now features a large outdoor table – perfect for hosting dinner parties in the summer – and a contemporary spa pool. The spa’s black timber exterior neatly ties together with the dining table and chairs, making for modest luxury.  

A Spacious Lawn and Idyllic Garden

The front yard now provides an extensive lawn for the homeowners and their children to enjoy. Framed with new garden beds and fully fenced for optimal seclusion, the landscape has become the perfect, family-friendly retreat. As the project unfolded over the summer, there were water restrictions to consider. So Vaughan integrated an irrigation system that enabled the homeowners to keep the lawn watered appropriately.

New stepping stones pave a path from the property’s custom-made gate to the front porch. Their differing sizes create a unique look that balances in harmony with the hardscaping. As for the beautiful gate, it’s been designed to include pedestrian access and a large swing gate – just in case the homeowners ever need to bring in their car.

For an additional outdoor living area, a small patio has been created to the right of the bungalow. It serves as the perfect spot for the homeowners to keep their barbecue, with slight shelter from the roof’s eaves.   

Happy Homeowners 

The front yard of this 1920s bungalow has entirely transformed into a family-friendly landscape enhanced for outdoor entertaining. The homeowners’ kids can now run around freely on the lush lawn while the deck and new spa provide ultimate comfort for relaxing. 

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This project was completed in
August 2021
Project description
A custom-made gate, extended deck, and contemporary spa pool.
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
73 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Water restrictions due to it being summer during the build.
Interesting aspects
Complete landscape transformation
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