Looking for low-maintenance, pet-friendly garden ideas? Check out this project.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Tired of their unpractical backyard lawn, these Silverdale homeowners met with their local Zones Landscaping Specialist Judd Stratful to discuss how it could be improved. Immediately finding that they were all on the same page with their ideas, Judd swiftly measured the garden and provided the homeowners with a quote.


To create clearly defined areas, Judd and his team retained the lawn area and established tidy, low-maintenance gardens. Corokia shrubs were planted in a straight line, creating a formal box hedge.

To address the issues that the homeowners were having with their existing lawn, partially due to their dog using it as a toilet, artificial turf was laid.

“They were very happy with the end result, especially as their dog could now go to the toilet on top of the artificial turf (which is pee and poo proof). Previously their dog was peeing on their back lawn and they had brown patches everywhere which was killing the grass.”

The new landscape design

With clean lines, tidy planting and a lush-looking artificial turf; the property has experienced a complete makeover. The low-maintenance aspect of the turf and gardens mean that the homeowners can enjoy it for years to come with minimal upkeep. 

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