Building a full outdoor backyard landscape in St Heliers, Auckland

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Owners of this St Heliers property wanted to completely overhaul their home's backyard and landscape. The landscaping specialist and his team transformed the entire outdoor space of this home.

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The owners of this St Heliers property wanted to rebuild their home’s backyard and landscape. They contacted Zones and got in touch with landscaping specialist. The landscaping specialist sat down with the homeowners to learn exactly what it was that they wanted, and followed the Zones process through and through: providing designs and a detailed plan on what they would aim to achieve. Once the clients were happy with the initial design phase, the landscaping specialist and his team moved on to the build stage.

Hardscaping and softscaping

The landscaping specialist and his team created the entire outdoor space of this home. They built the entire landscape from scratch and planted a wide selection of plants. He used instant ready lawn as a more sustainable option as the clients wanted something that would be easy to maintain and would have an instant impact.

They then installed a completely automated irrigation system to ensure the plants would stay healthy and continue to blossom. The landscaping specialist and his team also installed lighting on the deck and pergola so that the homeowners could use their outdoor space at all times of the day. Finally, fencing was required to be installed in order to increase the privacy of the home.

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The landscaping specialist used his in-house team of specialists and did not have to apply for council consent for the landscaping portion of the project as the owner had already obtained the necessary consents at the beginning for the whole build. The materials they used include wood for the deck, pergola, and staircase, gabion bluestone rocks, and concrete for the entrance walkway that leads right up to the front door.

“We did face a challenge, however,” reveals the landscaping specialist. “The site was really narrow, sloppy, and tight on the right side, which is where we had to improvise and put boards on the slope to stop mulch from sliding down. The steep narrow site also required stairs to be installed to connect levels. It’s also the reason why we used plant climbers on the side of the wall, as there was limited planting area.”

The new landscape design

The variety of plants that the garden now features includes Eugenia, Pseudopanax, Nikau, Liguria, Carex Gold, Ficus Pumila, Ctetanthe, Medevila, Viburnum Davidii, Pratia Puberula, Ajuga Reptans, and Xanadu. 

“The steep right-hand side of the property is going to end up being a nice green wall when the ficus grows and covers it,” says the landscaping specialist, assuring that all the trouble was worth it.

The clients are really happy with their beautiful new backyard, and the landscaping specialist is proud of his team’s work as well. “My favourite part has to be the deck overlooking the lawn and Eugenia,” says the landscaping specialist. “Also the Gabion bluestone rock that we used to break the monotony of the mulch. It looks great.”

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This project was completed in
August 2020
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Project description
Full landscape renovation
Manukau & Eastern Bays
New Zealand
Project duration
3 months
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