Modernising a villa’s landscape in Karaka Lakes

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This landscaping project merged modern aesthetics and improved functionality with the cape-cod style villa.

This landscaping project merged modern aesthetics and improved functionality with the cape-cod style villa.

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The Vibrant Vision

Situated in a beautiful leafy suburb, there’s a certain tranquillity throughout this home's neighbourhood. But as for the property itself, the landscape was missing the vibrancy felt in its surroundings. Gareth, the homeowner, was tired of his garden’s awkward layout and necessary high maintenance. Ultimately, he wanted to breathe life into the landscape, establish better functionality, and enhance indoor-outdoor flow. 

To achieve this vision, he reached out to local Landscaping Specialist Richard Burge. Stepping in to design the concept, Richard began the process with a briefing meeting. In this first stage, Richard gathered a strong idea of Gareth’s goals and explored exciting options that would meet his budget and desired landscape.

Creating the Concept

The Zones Landscaping process is designed to make landscaping as stress-free as possible. Working with local industry experts, Richard developed feasible concepts with cost-effective solutions. 

Gareth was impressed with the suggestions Richard brought forward as he hadn’t yet considered them. He also greatly appreciated being given a clear idea of the landscaping project and later mentioned that “The detailed concept really helped us visualise the plan”.

The finalised plan was to high-pressure wash the existing paving and house exterior, remove hedging to create space, and install new decking, fencing, turf, a cantilever umbrella, spa pool, and pergola. Once completed, these changes and additions would establish greater indoor-outdoor flow, optimum functionality, and require low maintenance year-round. 

Beautiful Decking and a Pergola

With a perfectly detailed plan drawn up, Gareth decided to organise some aspects himself while still working with Richard, who undertook the other build tasks with his landscaping team. The process began with high-pressure washing the exterior and removal of existing hedging. These two changes really freshened up the landscape offering a more expansive and fresh canvas for transformation.

Construction involved excavation in allowing for the low-height deck. Built of beautiful dark timber, the low sitting deck blends smoothly with the landscape and is framed by tidy sections of large pebbles. These finer additions work wonderfully to enhance the modern aesthetic of the courtyard.  

When completing the section with a pergola, it was important for this fixture to match the home’s exterior colour and cape-cod style. The chosen pergola does a marvellous job of pairing with the house and very smoothly enhances the indoor-outdoor flow. 

Washed Paving and A New Spa 

Initially, the tiled paving was very worn and not overly inviting. But once cleaned up with high-pressure washing, the paved areas became a beautiful feature of the home and much more welcoming environments for outdoor living.

Making the most of the revitalised flooring, Gareth chose to instal a luxurious new spa pool paired with a cantilever umbrella for optimal functionality. This area has undoubtedly become a wonderful space to relax after long days while taking in the vibrant surroundings.

Premium Turf and White Fencing

The hedge removal created plenty of new space to instal luscious green turf - a visually pleasing way to demand low maintenance from the garden. 

As Gareth owns dogs, the turf materials were both chosen and placed strategically. This planning resulted in installing premium turf at the front of the property for street appeal and special pet turf in the pet areas. 

Installing new white fencing and a matching gate was a fantastic way to complete the landscape’s transformation. Not only does this addition blend seamlessly with the house, but it also provides beautiful framing to the property and establishes a safer space for the dogs to run around and play.

Final Thoughts

The project delivered beautiful results, featuring enhanced indoor-outdoor flow and a modern aesthetic that’s felt across the entire landscape while still keeping to the home’s cape-cod style. Commenting on the outcome, Gareth has said the project was “A great investment.”

But, this is not the end. Gareth intends to replace his home’s kitchen joinery with a bifold stackable window - an excellent way to further enhance the flow and functionality between indoor and outdoor living.

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This project was completed in
May 2021
Project description
Outdoor transformation complete with a pergola
North Shore
New Zealand
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Spa installation, pergola, decking, turf.
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