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A Coastal Outdoor Area in Ruakaka

Short on time, homeowner and builder Allan decided to hire a landscaping specialist to carry out his pool fence installation. He decided on Jason Clarke from Zones Landscaping, who delivered the project on time and under budget.

  • Client: Allan
  • Location: New Zealand
  • Date: 11 April 2019

As a builder himself, Allan (the owner of this Ruakaka home) knew what to look for in a high-quality pool fencing. Short on time, Allan decided to hire Zones Landscaping Specialist Jason Clarke to get the job done. Within two days, Jason delivered the completed fence at $100 under the project’s original budget.

“The pool had just been installed and our brief was to supply and erect pool fencing around the pool and pool house”, says Jason. “Pacific Powder Coating supplied the pool fencing. We worked closely with our clients to ensure the specifications and installation met the brief, budget and time frame for Allan and his wife Margaret’s busy building schedule.”

Obviously, the factors for consideration were the successful company’s ability to perform on time, with a good product that did the job and looked good

Jason knew what to look for in a quality product, opting to use powder coated aluminium joinery, as opposed to steel coated, to ensure the fence’s durability within the coastal environment.  

During the 55 linear metre installation, Jason came up against a small hiccup, which he easily rectified.

“There were a few marks on the fencing during delivery and the supplier promptly replaced them no questions asked. Otherwise, the job was a breeze”, he explains. “Pacific Powder Coating supplied an "A" class product and backed up their service.”

“The only challenge for Jason was that there were some fence panels that were marked during transit”, confirms Allan. “He opted to replace them - the fence was installed, so safety was achieved, then the supplier came and replaced the damaged panels himself.”

With the fencing installed, Allan’s newly installed swimming pool is safely and tidily presented.

“The final result was great and we are very happy with it”, says Allan. “We would happily work with Jason again and will recommend his company to our clients.”


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