Contemporary landscape for a new build property in Papamoa, Tauranga

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designed a contemporary tropical garden in Tauranga

Looking for a landscaper with a modern vision, this homeowner contacted Zones Landscaping.

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This property was newly built and situated in the prime location of coastal Papamoa. Built to be modern, the home features high ceilings, polished concrete flooring and a sleek black exterior with matching joinery.

It’s a contemporary build that stands proudly alongside neighbouring homes of the same style. But there was one thing missing - a coordinating landscape.

After contacting Zones Landscaping, the homeowners were directed to their local Landscaping Specialist, who took the lead in establishing the design. 

The Early Briefing

Following the Zones process, the project began with a briefing meeting for the homeowners to share their ambitions with their Landscaping Specialist.

Their main objective was to design a contemporary landscape that would blend smoothly with the new build property. It needed to use a colour palette of relatively neutral tones and establish clean-cut lines between materials.

With over 23 years of landscaping experience, the landscaping specialist offered innovative suggestions and inspiration to help them get their project started.

Turning Dream to Concept

After plucking their favourite features from a wide range of ideas, the homeowners were ready to have their concept developed.

What they decided on was a clean and simple aesthetic with the creation of a lush, subtropical garden. Intending to rent out the home as an Airbnb, the aim was to establish a tranquil atmosphere for travellers/holidayers to take a break and relax.

When conceptualising this plan it was also critical to focus on building a spacious yet private environment. Not only would this enhance the desired restful feeling but also offer room for people to enjoy outdoor games such as cornhole. 

Once they had the concept mapped out, the landscaping specialist assessed the project and, with confirmation of its feasibility, a designer was brought in to draw up the details.

The Detailed Design

In this last step the finer details were developed, the project timeframe was devised, and the exact costing was added up for all chosen materials and necessary trades. 

The final design was crafted to fully maximise the given space. Using vibrant green plants and high-end materials, the landscaping specialist and the landscaping team established plans for an indoor/outdoor flow that was open while offering privacy.  

Thrilled with the detailed design, the homeowner (who happens to be a builder) got started right away on the project. Finished to an excellent standard, the new build is indeed ready to host its first visitors.  

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Full landscape design for a modern build
New Zealand
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