Creating a stylish backyard and poolscape in Birkenhead, Auckland

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This Birkenhead backyard was overgrown and out of keeping with the subtle elegance of the home. A complete overhaul by Zones transformed the area into a stylish and sophisticated family retreat.

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The Initial Consultation

Old, overgrown, and out of style. That’s how Lynette described her Birkenhead backyard. Everything felt tired and, with large established palms, it had a very Californian feel which didn’t suit her home or tastes! With the property about to undergo a major renovation, including the construction of an outdoor lounge, Lynette wanted a cleaner, more structured garden look to complement the new build.

Lynette contacted local Zones Landscaping Consultant Richard Burge to seek advice and see what was possible. The two met at her home so that Richard could view the area and explain the simple 5-step Zones process. With Zones, every element of your outdoor renovation is expertly managed by your local Landscape Consultant: you won’t be stressed trying to source materials and schedule contractors. 

Richard explained he would be Lynette’s single point of contact throughout the entire project and would manage everything from design right through to final delivery. With an experienced project manager on board, Lynette was excited to move ahead with developing a concept plan for her dream backyard.

Making Plans

Lynette was keen to have the project design-led to achieve a new look rather than compromising to stay within a prescribed budget. The area already contained a pool, but it looked tired, and there was no level lawn for her son’s soccer practice. The large palms had to go!

Richard set to work designing a backyard that would better suit Lynette’s style. Around the pool, new paving, fencing, and decking would provide a dramatic facelift, while a level lawn complete with soccer net could be achieved with a retaining wall. New fencing, planting, pathways, and lighting would complete the look. Sometimes what can’t be seen is just as important and in Lynette’s case, additional drainage was also suggested for future proofing her property.

Lynette loved the concept, and with only a few minor tweaks, the detailed plan and budget was agreed to, and the transformation could get under way. 

Work Begins

From an arborist and excavator to a glass installer, electrician, and paving sealer, Lynette’s outdoor renovation required a slew of professionals and tradespeople. The old, large palms were removed along with overgrown plants. The old pool fencing, concrete, and garden shed were also dismantled to make way for stylish new features, and new drainage was installed. 

With so many elements to orchestrate, as well as the major home renovation to accommodate, Lynette was glad she had Richard on board to project manage every detail. He had an established network of professionals he trusted to carry out excellent workmanship, and kept the entire project running seamlessly, including obtaining the necessary council consent for the new pool fence position.

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Structured Style

Lynette’s pool received a major makeover, with new all-glass fencing, paving, decking, pool coping, and pump shed. These elements transformed the existing pool into an attractive and stylish feature.

The new lawn was achieved with a discreet retaining wall and careful attention to the levels of the new deck and steps. It now has a permanent soccer net installed at the far end. New garden plantings, pathways and pavers, outdoor lighting, and a garden shed were also installed, all of which complement the wooden deck and outdoor lounge. 

Final Words

Zones took Lynette’s outdoors from unkempt and out of date to stylish and sophisticated while still providing for family-centred fun and activity.  

Richard is thrilled with the result. “This was a complete backyard transformation that elevated existing features such as the pool, but also created new zones and spaces for the family to enjoy. It’s an incredibly stylish transformation that Lynette loves”.

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This project was completed in
July 2023
Project description
Pool and landscaping
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
10 weeks
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Limited access and coordinating with concurrent full house renovations
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Richard Burge is Landscaping Consultant of Burge Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

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