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This sloped backyard has been transformed into a beautiful space that the whole family can enjoy. A comfortable seating area makes a great spot for entertaining, and the artificial turf with beanbags and a basketball hoop is a fun place for teens to hang out. A private outdoor living area with louvre roof graces the frontage to make the most of the sunshine.

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The Initial Consultation

Despite the open expanse of Evan’s large backyard, the steep slope made it unusable. He wanted to design a beautiful outdoor living space that made the most of the sunny parts of his garden and could be enjoyed all year round.

He arranged a consultation with Zones Landscaping Consultant Thelma Meyer to discuss ideas and find out what could be achieved. Although Evan had never really considered what he wanted from his frontage and backyard, Thelma asked the right questions to discover the look he wanted to go for and how he would like to use the space. 

A concept design was created to show how his finished outdoor living area could look, and then it was time to start planning the project in more detail. 

Finalising The Details

Thelma prides herself on creating functional and distinctive outdoor living spaces that can be enjoyed, with minimal maintenance, for years. She always undertakes in-depth planning before any work begins, as this makes sure everything runs smoothly and minimises unexpected surprises along the way.

Evan was a little concerned about how much the project would cost. This was his first outdoor renovation and he wasn’t sure how much to budget. Thelma showed him previous renovations that were similar in size and scope to the one he was planning, which gave him a clear idea of how much he could expect to spend.

He considered the value that a beautiful and functional outdoor space would add to his home and decided he was happy to spend between $200,000 - $250,000. Thelma had detailed working drawings of the design produced and got to work securing materials and scheduling the contractors.

Evan received a detailed breakdown of how much his renovation would cost, and then it was time for construction to begin. He wanted the work completed in time for the summer, a realistic goal.

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Carefully Managed Construction

The project ran smoothly, thanks largely to careful planning during the design stage. Several different contractors were required, including an excavator, roofer, electrician, plumber, and landscaper. Thelma’s organisational skills meant that everyone knew exactly what needed doing and when, and despite Auckland’s winter rain, the renovation was a great experience for everyone involved.

 Unfortunately, the existing nailed (not screwed) decking, situated right in the middle of the back section, had to be ripped up and couldn’t be reused. Everything else ran perfectly to schedule though, until a Covid lockdown halted progress. As soon as restrictions were lifted, work restarted, and the entire project was completed before summer. 

Outdoor Living For All The Family

Evan’s backyard has been transformed into a stylish and functional outdoor living area for enjoyment by all the family. Different levels have been created, and the contemporary coloured concrete outdoor seating area has steps down to a fun teen zone with artificial turf, beanbags, a basketball hoop, and plenty of space for the family’s inflatable pool.

Vitex hardwood timber deck has been added to both the front and backyard. At the back, it creates unimpeded flow between indoors and outside; at the front, it’s been used to make a private outdoor living area. This location was chosen to make the most of the sun at the front of the house and is hidden from the street using horizontal timber slats. A louvre roof with Pacific Powder coating provides protection against both sunshine and rain.

The front and rear of the house are connected with steps and pathways, and the property is now the most attractive house on the street. The renovation has added value to Evan’s home and this, combined with the year-round enjoyment that the whole family will get from their outdoor space, has made the major investment worthwhile. Finishing touches included some additional painting and a brand new letterbox.

Final Thoughts

Evan is thrilled with his new outdoor living area. 

“Thelma and the team took our ideas and transformed them into a stunning reality. We now have functional and beautiful terraced backyard living and an elegant front deck and louvre system. Total professionals from start to finish. Nothing was too much trouble for this team, involving us at every step of the development. Despite Covid halting work we had our landscaping finished in time for us to enjoy the summer. I would highly recommend.”

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This project was completed in
October 2022
Project description
Outdoor Living Space
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
5 months
Cost estimate
Actual cost
A Covid lockdown meant construction had to be paused until restrictions were lifted.
Interesting aspects
The front yard living area with timber slats to provide privacy, and a beautiful louvre roof.
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Thelma Meyer is Landscaping Consultant of Tailormade Designs Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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