A private garden in Point Chevalier

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Tracey barker point chev planting and fence project

Homeowner Shelley wanted to increase her property's privacy through a tree planting plan. Zones delivered.

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As close living spaces become increasingly common in Auckland, so too is the need for privacy. Such was the case for Point Chevalier homeowner Shelley. She contacted Zones hoping that the company would be able to design and manage a garden update which would include increased privacy and easy-maintenance gardens. Zones didn’t disappoint.

Shelley booked in a consultation with her local Zones landscaping specialist Tracey Barker, who has managed a wide range of landscaping projects ranging from planting plans and hardscaping through to social areas and privacy screens. Tracey discussed Shelley’s ideas with her, drawing up a plan from which the project would be based on. 

“Shelley's neighbour cut down a large tree which used to provide privacy to their backyard”, tells Tracey.  “Shelley wanted to plant some large screening trees to get back the privacy, and new gardens under the trees as well as at the back of the house; which was looking old and untidy. She also wanted a feature pot in the corner of the garden to replace an old water feature.”

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Garden edging and outdoor privacy screens

Once a cost estimate was presented, Shelley approved the design and Tracey got to work - enhancing the privacy and serenity of Shelley’s outdoor spaces. New trees were planted along the edges of the property, with timber edging encompassing pebbles at the tree bases. Timber stakes were lined up to hold the trees in place while they grow. Stones have also been laid along the side of the house, creating a balanced aesthetic. The garden was tidied up and the final touch, Shelley’s requested feature pot plant was placed at the corner of the new garden.

The final result

“Tracey made it all very easy for me”, says Shelley. “It wasn't a big job but she managed it for me and I really didn't have to do anything at all (just how I like it!). The guys that worked on site were really good too - friendly and helpful. I would be happy to use them again.”

“Tracey made it all very easy for me"
- Shelley, Zones client

Shelley says the final result is just what she was hoping for.

“We have a low maintenance garden as a result - I’m looking forward to taking the stakes out in a few months...it's all growing well and doing what we wanted it to do!”

This project was completed in
September 2019
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Project description
Naturally enhancing the privacy of a Point Chevalier property
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
2 weeks
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