A garden wonderland in Tauranga

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Hoping to transform her home landscape into something peaceful and private, homeowner May asked landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden to produce a landscape design and manage her garden transformation. Four weeks later, she was presented with a tranquil backyard wonderland.

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Having recently moved onto the Tauranga property, homeowner May really wanted to create a space that felt like her own. She arranged for a pond to be installed as a home for her pet turtles and, from there, she needed a landscaping company who could carry out a range of projects and manage them on her behalf. She got in touch with her local Zones landscaping specialist Nigel Ramsden and told him her ideas.  

“We wanted to divide our 25m long garden into different spaces to make the most of our tiny garden”, tells May. “We wanted each space to be unique and serve a different purpose; each space was to be lush yet exude a sense of peace and serenity, despite the riot of plants. Nigel helped us create the backbone of that - the pond, deck, outdoor fire, louvred sheltered spaces, circular garden, multiple planter boxes…”

The new landscape design

“The property had a well-established garden which had been looked after by the previous owner,'' adds Nigel. “The new homeowners wanted a good area for entertaining and, most importantly, privacy from surrounding properties. Our designer was given the pond design, with a brief that it could be changed to suit the rest of the garden. The design was a key element in getting that right. Working closely with the clients throughout made the project very rewarding.”

“He worked tirelessly with his team, coordinating the other associates to ensure the entire process went smoothly"
-May, Zones client

Nigel and his team turned to Mitre 10 for many of the project’s materials, including the timber used in creating the entertainment area and the plants that were consciously placed around the garden. While they built the new entertainment area and brought the pond design into fruition, they needed to be mindful of renovation work that was being carried out on May’s house. Nigel says the key to working around the schedules of other tradespeople came down to good communication and having understanding clients.

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“Nigel communicated well with us and the teams, making sure we were kept updated with the entire process. He was very passionate about helping us create the garden and entertainment space we wanted. We enjoyed watching the progress and he was flexible enough to accommodate changes to the design.”

Outdoor privacy screens, decking and planting

Within four weeks, Nigel's team surrounded the property in privacy screens and trees, built a deck and social area overlooking the pond, and planted a selection of plants that enhanced the tranquillity of the property.

“The pond was built to look like it flowed under the deck, which looked fantastic”, explains Nigel. “A waterfall was built next to the outside dining area and fire for the greatest effect. The client was amazed with the result.” 

The final result

"We love our outdoor space and feel a deep sense of peace, despite being right in the middle of town", confirms May. “The garden remains a work in progress, but we take great pleasure in watching our garden grow. We have a very lovely outdoor space that Nigel helped create.”

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This project was completed in
June 2019
Project description
A landscaped garden, pond and social area
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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Nigel Ramsden is Landscaping Consultant of Bay Premier Landscapes, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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