Before joining Zones, Nigel had a career in the Police both in New Zealand and in the UK. Having worked in a variety of Policing roles, Nigel understands the need for good communication and attention to detail.

Nigel is able to utilise great design to transform your outside space. He believes it is really important to have a realistic budget that works for the client before starting the design. Together with his talented team, Nigel enjoys creating landscapes that last and that meet each family's unique needs. The team works hard to ensure the landscaping project is completed on time, and the team’s goal is to change the garden to make it work for the client.

Nigel believes in creating unique and great spaces that will stand the test of time. He uses quality products to give the clients the great spaces they were asking for without breaking the budget. Nigel enjoys meeting new people and exploring what they want to achieve in the garden whether that is new plants, a patio or an outdoor kitchen. Nigel thinks that seeing the end result is what makes the Zones business so rewarding.

It is very exciting both for the clients and Nigel when they start the process from the initial meeting through the design and onto the final project. Showing the client the design for the first time is always a great moment. Seeing what their garden could look like on paper is invaluable, with the ability to make minor changes and get it perfect before lifting a spade.

Nigel and his family recently built a new home and were personally involved in the project, from an initial sketch drawn on his dining room table through to the landscaping. Thanks to this experience, he understands how important landscaping is and the difference it can make to your family and home. Nigel and his family have lived in Tauranga for over 12 years and consider themselves very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. When he isn’t supporting his children from the touchline, Nigel likes to spend time with his family mountain biking, fishing, and playing golf.

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