Landscaping a Classic Garden in Greenlane, Auckland Central

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This overgrown yard was transformed into a beautiful semi-formal garden with pebbled pathways, colourful plantings, and a statement stone wall.

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Overgrown and in Need of Help

Joy’s new home in Greenlane, Auckland Central had a rambling front yard that needed taming. While she loved the classic fountain feature, the rest of the area needed a new design that would make it much more attractive and manageable. Joy also wanted some secure fencing, and potentially a backyard pool, but her priorities were quality finishes and a classic design that wouldn’t date.

Not wanting the stress and hassle of managing such a major landscaping project herself, Joy contacted her local Zones Landscaping Consultant Kate Ryan for advice. Kate arranged a free consultation so that she could see the space, listen to Joy’s goals for the garden makeover, and explain the benefits of working with Zones. 

Zones makes landscaping straightforward, by following a tried and true 5-step process that delivers outstanding results on time and on budget. Kate would be Joy’s dedicated consultant throughout the project, exactly what Joy wanted from a managed service. 

Making Plans

Kate set to work designing a concept that would combine all the elements Joy envisaged for her new-look garden. The existing classic fountain would stay, but around it the overgrown bushes, trees, and untidy lawn would make way for whimsical pebbled pathways and beautiful new plantings including buxus hedging, lavender, and daphne. Curved edging using weathered Corten steel would add to the semi-formal look.

Along the front of the property a new stone wall would be installed creating a major feature and masses of kerbside appeal. Joy loved the idea of this solid and secure statement feature that would look great from both inside and outside the property. The stone wall would be combined with an automatic driveway gate and pedestrian gate in black aluminium, creating a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary. A paved driveway was also planned.

Initially, Joy had thought of a backyard pool but after the design and works estimation, she decided to focus on the front landscaping while the house renovations were also underway. Because Zones tailor your project to meet your needs, Kate was easily able to adjust the planning accordingly. 

Transformation Underway

With a beautiful design in place, it was time for the transformation. Kate’s expert crew tackled the trees, stumps, and unruly bushes, as well as removing and replacing the front yard soil around the feature fountain to create a blank canvas for the new concept.

Along the front of the property, Kate’s team oversaw the installation of the solid stone wall that Joy had commissioned separately and ensured that it complied with council height regulations.

Around the fountain and gardens, curved steel edging was installed creating a beautiful flow through the area, with traditional pebbled paths and pops of colour from jasmine, roses, and daphne. Ficus hedging was also planted, and a herringbone paved driveway installed.

Kate expertly managed every element of the project, ensuring that the renovation was completely stress-free for Joy. She tapped into her existing network of trusted professionals – including arborists, stump grinders, gate electrician, and landscapers – to ensure top quality workmanship, and expertly scheduled the on-site workflow. Joy was thrilled with the management, but also loved the opportunity to be involved and select the plants, as is always possible with Zones.

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Stunning Semi-Formal

Joy’s unruly front yard is now a delightful and peaceful garden with a picture perfect, semi- formal design. The solid stone wall contrasting with the black driveway and pedestrian gates creates a beautiful mix of classic and contemporary design that perfectly match the property.

The curved pebble paths around the garden and feature fountain provide a delightful, romantic look, complemented by Joy’s choice of flowering daphne, jasmine, and lavender for pops of colour. The curved edges were crafted using weathered Corten steel, while a paved driveway lined with buxus hedging completes the smart yet easy-care look. 

Final Words

Kate took Joy’s brief for quality finishes and a classic garden design and delivered a knockout result. Joy’s decision to invest in the stone wall as a classic feature set the tone for the entire space, while retaining the fountain provided the foundation for the striking, semi-formal garden design. Kate is thrilled with the outcome. “The garden looks fantastic, with so many beautiful elements that resulted in a very eye-catching design.”

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This project was completed in
August 2023
Project description
Semi-Formal Landscaping
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks plus lead time for gates
Cost estimate
Actual cost
$78,000 – project was costed to the design.
Stump clearing and soil excavation were required.
Interesting aspects
Curved weathered Corten steel garden edging
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Kate Ryan is Landscaping Consultant of Woodbury Landscapes Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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