This $28,000 project required Zones to transform the outdoor landscape of a development property.

WORDS Mina Phillips

When landscaping specialists Matt and Boyd Gillespie were presented with the development plans for this new showhome, they could instantly see that the space had plenty of potential. Their brief included installing a Readylawn, planting large trees, creating a living wall and implementing a planting plan that would improve the building's privacy. They also needed to install drainage under a pathway at the rear of the house.

Outdoor privacy screen

"They were going to show potential clients through and wanted mature trees and grass", explains Matt. "There was a lack of privacy on the deck so we installed star jasmine climbing plants in tall pots and then installed climbing wires to the top of the pergola structure for them to grow up." 

A Readylawn, garden walkway and green wall

For the Readylawn, a Rolawn provided a tidy, low-maintenance solution. Garden pathways were created using hoggin - another low-maintenance feature. To complete the look of the showhome, a living wall was installed using instant Griselinia hedging.  

"The living wall is a fully-matured Griselinia hedge that was installed in 1-metre sections - normally three trees that are grown together as one unit", says Matt. "The choice of living wall hedges and the pots with wires for the climbers to grow up were great options for creating private areas, where building restrictions limited the construction of a hard surface such as a fence or a wall."

The new landscape design

Within three weeks, the property had a whole new life to it. 

"It looked great immediately", enthuses Matt. "The high-finish build with the grown plants and grass meant it looked great the day we drove away."

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