Native Nature Retreat in Hamilton

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For $80,000, landscaping specialist Leah Huang transformed her garden into a native wonderland.

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When Zones Landscaping specialist Leah Huang decided to sell her Hamilton property, there were a few focus areas she wanted to makeover before putting her home on the market. Firstly, there was the “unusable” gully. Leah also wanted to restore the garden, build a track and create an outdoor entertainment area with a deck.

Landscape design

Following a site investigation, the design process went smoothly. But accessing the gully created an initial challenge - one that was easily resolved once the track was built, explains Leah:

Building a garden walkway

“In the beginning, the challenge was building a track down to the gulley. Once we had built the track, the job got easier and easier, due to access.”

When Leah was working with her team to create a plan for landscaping the gully, one book, in particular, provided a lot of inspiration - Hamilton City’s Gully Restoration Guide. This also helped Leah to decide on many of the native trees that she planted in the garden. Kahikatea, kowhai, pukatea, cabbage trees, kawakawa and kanuka were among her favourites. 

Decking, a planter box, hardscaping and a louvred pergola roof system

In creating the social area, Leah partnered with Pacific Powder Coating and Placemakers to build a deck, garden box, install paving and a louvre roof system. Due to the garden’s permeable surfaces and the smaller size of the louvre, council consent wasn’t required - which helped to keep costs down.

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The result is a peaceful retreat consisting of natural materials, native trees and a nature resort vibe. 

“We love it!” exclaims Leah. “After doing the garden, we sold the house and the new owner loves it. It sold really quick!”

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This project was completed in
August 2020
Project description
Gully restoration, retaining wall installation, louvre roof installation, creating raised garden beds, new deck, garden
New Zealand
Project duration
4 weeks
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Leah Huang is Landscaping Consultant of TL Landscaping Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Waikato.

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