A Kid-friendly Backyard in Mount Maunganui

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A Kid-friendly Backyard in Mount Maunganui\n

Creating an established garden with fresh grass, raised garden beds, and new bamboo screening turned an unkempt area into a kid-friendly backyard for this young family.

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Time for a Better Backyard

Mount Maunganui is known for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate that encourages locals to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors. To take better advantage of her backyard, homeowner Tara contacted Landscaping Partner Nigel Ramsden to revitalise the space.

Old concrete blocks piled up in the corner were a hazard for her young children, and with the old fence screening falling apart, the garden had certainly seen better days. Tara wanted to clean the space up to be more practical for her young family to enjoy.

Garden Designs and Estimates

The Zones Landscaping experience has been carefully crafted to deliver successful projects and used across thousands of landscape upgrades. Following the initial consultation are the concept design and costing stages, during which homeowners can explore the feasibility of their ideas. 

Tara wanted to remove the old concrete and screening and update the space with fresh grass, raised garden beds, new bamboo screening, a small fence, and a gate. Nigel determined the plans were achievable and that he could accomplish the transformation within Tara’s $20,000 budget. 

Once the new designs were finalised, Nigel and his renovation team were ready to get to work and completed the project in just under a week at a final cost of $16,000.

The Build Phase

First on the list was the removal of the old materials, including the concrete blocks, battered fence screening, and gravel. As the property is positioned at the back of a shared driveway, it was challenging to access the site – especially considering the house is off a busy main street. Nigel and his renovation team had to manoeuver carefully down the narrow alley when removing and delivering materials, taking great care with each trip. 

A great thing about the Zones process is that homeowners can be as involved as they want to be. At the beginning of the project, Nigel and Tara collaborated to determine the scope, then she stepped back and let Nigel do the heavy lifting throughout the build phase. Nigel managed the entire project while Tara watched on as her backyard was transformed.

A Kid-Friendly Landscape

L-shaped raised garden beds now frame the property, established with a variety of grasses and flowering plants sourced from Daltons Landscape Supplies. The wood’s warm-toned stain allows its natural grains to shine through, which happen to nicely complement the new bamboo screen installed behind. Together, these new additions create a tropical atmosphere – perfect for the Bay of Plenty region. 

Around the existing paved patio, which was still in good condition, the rest of the yard has been spruced up with ready lawn, which ultimately improves the comfortability of spending time in the backyard. Without the old gravel and concrete blocks, the kids are now free to run around safely. Completing the project, Nigel’s renovation team built a new fence and managed to re-use a gate that Tara already had on her property. 

Finishing Touches

Tara’s main goal was to turn her backyard into an inviting space for friends and family to enjoy, and that has certainly been achieved by Nigel and his renovation team.

Though it was a small project, having Nigel manage everything alleviated any stress for Tara and allowed the process to be relaxing. Working with Zones also means you’re working with a network of trusted tradespeople and suppliers, giving you the best quality for the best price. Mitre10 was the main supply partner for this project, and the results are fantastic. Tara is thrilled with the outcome and looking forward to spending more time in her beautiful backyard. 

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This project was completed in
October 2021
Project description
Backyard transformation
New Zealand
Project duration
1 week
Cost estimate
Actual cost
A narrow driveway and busy street
Interesting aspects
L-shaped raised garden beds and bamboo screening.
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Nigel Ramsden is Landscaping Consultant of Bay Premier Landscapes, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Tauranga.

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