Poolside landscape renovation in Schnapper Rock, Auckland: A modern look with low-maintenance planting

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Kwila decking and thoughtful plant selection helped turn this basic backyard into a modern poolside retreat with garden accents that will thrive without too much attention.

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Untapped potential

With a serene overlook of Te Wharau Creek, Schnapper Rock, homeowner Clement’s backyard landscape didn’t quite live up to its surroundings. The pool and yard were functional but left much to be desired. Wanting to achieve an updated and more polished poolscape, Clement reached out to Zones Landscaping for assistance in bringing his ideas to fruition. 

Clement was connected with local Landscaping Consultant Logan Bridgens who was a perfect match given his specialised landscape design expertise. The duo first discussed overarching goals for the outdoor renovation and then plunged into the details. 

A designer landscape

Clement was aiming for a modern and low maintenance landscape that could be enjoyed without his having to dedicate extra time for upkeep. As it stood, the unloved poolscape was underutilised. This update would provide a relaxing escape and ensure the backyard was fulfilling its potential. 

Logan created a concept design that aligned with Clement’s $50,000 budget and ticked all the boxes, including a stylish way to camouflage the pool facilities. Logan and Clement worked closely to refine the plans, selecting cost-effective plants and pavers that didn’t compromise the final look. Thanks to Logan’s intuitive ability to translate Clement’s ideas into designs, few revisions were required and they moved on to construction fairly quickly.

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In-house specialists

All construction and landscaping was executed by Logan’s in-house team which further streamlined the already effective Zones process. By reconfiguring some landscaping elements, the team improved the functionality of the space. Portions of Clement’s yard were unusable because of their steep slope, so Logan repurposed that space into a decorative border, using a combination of low maintenance native plants and dark mulch. 

The functional focal point of the new yard is the Kwila deck which, by design, matches the pool service housing to ensure it blends seamlessly into the landscape and becomes a stylish feature rather than the eyesore Clement so disliked previously. 

Exceptional results

About six weeks and $58,000 later, Logan and the team delivered a fantastic new landscape for Clement. All concerns were addressed, leaving Clement with a functional poolscape that complemented the space instead of wasting it. The new paver pathways, surrounded by more of Logan’s thoughtful plant recommendations, are no longer a hazard and create an inviting welcome into the modern entertaining area. 

Safety, style, and smart solutions were at the core of Logan’s design approach which paid off for Clement. An experienced landscape designer, professional project manager, and trusted in-house team created a stunning backyard transformation on time and within budget.

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This project was completed in
July 2023
Project description
Backyard landscape renovation
North Shore
New Zealand
Project duration
6 weeks
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Louise Reeve is Landscaping Consultant of Bridgens Landscapes Limited, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

Logan Bridgens is Landscaping Consultant of Bridgens Landscapes Limited, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in North Shore.

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