Retaining and a new lawn in Whangaparaoa Peninsula

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Building stairs, retaining and installing a new lawn.

This three-week project involved building stairs, a retaining wall and installing a new lawn at a retained area down the bottom of a steep slope.

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After drawing up a clear design of how he wanted his back yard to look when it was complete, the owner of this Whangaparaoa Peninsula property asked their local Landscaping Consultant and their team to carry out the installation for him. The project involved building stairs down the homeowner’s steep backyard along with retaining walls. 

The Landscaping Consultant provided the homeowner with a quote and then spoke with local suppliers to attain the materials required. He then scheduled in his team of landscapers to carry out the works.

Hardscaping and softscaping

To construct the retaining wall and stairs, the team had to get creative. Because the site was so steep, they set up a slide that allowed them to efficiently transport materials to the construction zones. Within a three week period, this allowed them to build stairs, a timber retaining wall, another retaining wall made of stacked rocks and install a new lawn.

The new landscape design

The Landscaping Consultant says they think the final result is “very good”. 

“The section was very steep with no usable space for the homeowner’s kids to run around. By retaining, we were able to install a level lawn. The client is going to put a trampoline down there for his kids.”

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
Building stairs, retaining and installing a new lawn.
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
The backyard was so steep it was difficult to move materials around.
Interesting aspects
A slide was used to transport materials down the steep site
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