Smart Verandah Renovation in Stokes Valley, Wellington

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With parts of her property’s verandah decking and stairs broken, Wellington homeowner Catherine had no outdoor place for family and friends to enjoy the sunshine bathing her Stokes Valley home.

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Budget-led briefing

Reaching out to Zones Landscaping Consultant Lia Boersma, Catherine outlined her vision of replacing the old, unsafe decking boards and stairs with a modern verandah that allowed natural light into the house while providing all-weather shelter. Landscaping to enhance the outdoor area was also part of the brief. Cathrine’s primary concern was achieving this within a budget, aiming for a like-for-like replacement without compromising  quality or functionality.

A clear concept

With Catherine’s goals and budget in mind, Lia called on Design Consultant Tina Daisley and the Zones team got to work. Tina proposed a verandah featuring ClearVue panels to maximise light, while offering protection from the weather. The initial estimate for this concept was $60,000. Tina’s concept design aimed to blend seamlessly with the existing structure while providing the modern enhancements Catherine desired.

Accuracy is in the details

As Tina delved further into the detailed design phase, it became clear some adjustments were necessary. The original budget was recalculated from $60,000 to $96,000 to account for additional features and unforeseen complexities. During the demolition stage though, the team discovered the boards above the windows were rotten but the currently available shiplap boards did not align with the existing ones.

Heavy rainfall then revealed drainage issues around the house, requiring the Zones team to cut the concrete and create a gradient to prevent water pooling. This change was critical for long-term structural integrity and added to the overall cost and complexity. Despite these challenges, Tina’s detailed planning ensured all aspects of the project were accounted for, leading to a more accurate final cost estimation.

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Challenging construction

The build stage, initially scheduled for eight weeks, extended to 12 weeks owing to Wellington's unpredictable weather. Zones took care of everything, organising the team of skilled builders and painters, and all worked diligently through the challenging conditions. When the rotten boards were discovered, Tina’s design solution of cutting them back to the soffits and replacing the boards with Shadow Clad not only solved the issue but also enhanced the verandah's aesthetic appeal, as did the extra paving installed as part of the drainage solution. 

New lease on life

The completed verandah is a testament to thoughtful design and precise execution. The ClearVue panels installed overhead and on the sides of the verandah allow natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and inviting area while providing shelter from any inclement weather. The safe new decking and stairs complement the bungalow's mid-century charm – as does the exterior’s fresh coat of paint.

The surrounding landscape, enhanced by the pavers, integrates seamlessly with the verandah, offering a cohesive outdoor living space. Catherine is delighted with the final result, appreciating both the aesthetic and practical improvements. Her favourite feature is the light-filled verandah, which now serves as a versatile space for relaxation and entertaining.

Final thoughts

This verandah rebuild project in Wellington highlights the Zones commitment to quality, client satisfaction, and adaptability. Despite facing several unexpected challenges, the team’s expertise and proactive problem-solving ensured the project was completed to a high standard, albeit with an extended timeline and increased budget. The result is a smart, functional outdoor space that has greatly improved Catherine’s home and lifestyle.

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This project was completed in
May 2024
Project description
A verandah rebuild
New Zealand
Project duration
12 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Rotten weatherboards and drainage issues during construction
Interesting aspects
ClearVue panels provide natural light and weather protection.
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Lia Boersma is a Landscaping Consultant of Silkworm Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Landscaping New Zealand, doing business in Wellington.

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