Zones provided these clients with an immaculate new garden in 3 weeks for $35,000. 

WORDS Mina Phillips

North Shore landscaping specialists Matt and Boyd Gillespie were given the opportunity to get creative with this gorgeous garden installation in Birkenhead. Seeking to get their overgrown garden into shape, the homeowner asked the North Shore team to give it a complete makeover. 

After being introduced to the client by the project’s designer, Matt and Boyd started by creating a blank canvas - removing the existing trees and gardens. 

“The client was sick of an overgrown back garden and wanted a more formal, structured garden”, explains Matt.

Hardscaping and softscaping

With a design in place, Matt and Boyd put a plan together: scheduling in their team of landscaping experts and overseeing the installation of new pathways, gardens, a Rolawn ready lawn and an irrigation system. 

The new landscape design

The result is pristine. Smooth pathways are now surrounded by tidy lawns and an immaculate garden. The now bright, inviting and homely property will be easy for the homeowners to maintain on an ongoing basis thanks to the ready lawn and irrigation system. 

Completed within just three weeks for $35,000, Matt attributes the project’s success to the effective Zones step-by-step landscaping process.

“The design and build helped to plan the job so that it could be completed quickly, with minimal impact on the clients.”

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