Creating a Backyard Sanctuary in Mt Albert, Auckland

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Thoughtful landscaping, including a floating boardwalk and custom privacy screens, enabled the owners of this city property to enjoy their outdoor living space finally.

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The Right Contact

Before Stephanie contacted Zones Landscaping, she was almost ready to give up on ever having a backyard she could use and enjoy. With a shared driveway on one boundary and a busy street on the other, Stephanie’s property offered little privacy and was unloved and unused. She had previously tried to engage another company, but they disappeared after one look at the job, leaving Stephanie feeling lost.  

That all changed after she contacted local Landscaping Consultant Thelma Meyers. In a matter of weeks, the project to turn Stephanie’s backyard into a private sanctuary was full steam ahead, which Stephanie described as a relief.

Critical consultation

The initial consultation that is such an important part of the Zones process allowed Stephanie to share her budget, priorities, and vision for her backyard with Thelma. 

“Thelma spent a lot of time listening to my ideas and trying to understand what it was that I wanted,” said Stephanie. “She respected me and worked with my ideas rather than against them and seemed genuinely interested in what I was hoping for.” Stephanie

Stephanie’s key concern was privacy, as she and her husband never used the outdoor space because of how exposed it was. In addition, she wanted a spot to enjoy the sun, and a boardwalk with native planting to add to the area’s appeal.

Creative Design

After working closely with Stephanie, Thelma was able to deliver a concept plan that addressed Stephanie’s privacy concerns with creativity and flair. Aluminium horizontal slat fencing replaced the existing standard pool fencing to create instant privacy, and because the new screening would be custom-built, the spacing between slats could be optimised to provide both privacy and natural light. 

A decorative macrocarpa feature screen was also incorporated in the design as both a creative art piece and a clever way to hide the boundary fence between Stephanie’s yard and the next-door neighbour.

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Bringing the Project to Life

After providing a detailed design and costings, Stephanie was excited to move the project forward and see the space come to life. 

A floating, curved boardwalk along the side of the property through to the backyard space was a highlight feature for Stephanie, as it evoked memories of a boardwalk through native bush she loved as a child. Mixed native planting added depth and interest to the area, and finally gave the property the outdoor appeal it had been lacking.

A small deck in warm timber offered a spot to enjoy a cuppa in the sun, without encroaching on lawn space which was important for Stephanie.  

Stress-free process

The Zones Landscaping process made things simple, stress-free, and cost-effective for Stephanie, with Thelma taking care of the entire process from design to delivery. 

“Communication with Thelma has been excellent,” says Stephanie. “She has always been available whether it’s by phone, email, text, or in person, and that level of communication and care gave us a lot of confidence in her ability to get the project completed as we had planned.” Stephanie

Thelma was the single point of contact throughout the entire project, and her trusty and skilled landscaping team delivered at every stage. Stephanie was thrilled at how quickly everything came together. 

“Our completion date was so much sooner than I had imagined – everything was delivered in-time and on budget. I didn’t have to worry about scheduling any contractors or organising timetables – it was all taken care of.”  Stephanie

Final Words

Thelma was as pleased with the project outcome as Stephanie was. Although small, the project was thoughtfully planned, designed, and executed, which ensured it ticked all the boxes Stephanie had hoped for.

Custom fencing and beautifully crafted screens mean Stephanie finally has some privacy in her own backyard, while new lawn and beautiful planting adds a touch of lushness and tranquillity. The floating boardwalk is a stunning feature that really adds to the overall appeal and personal nature of the design. This is finally a backyard that Stephanie can be proud of and enjoy. 

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This project was completed in
August 2022
Project description
Landscape, fencing, and decking
Auckland Central
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Curved floating boardwalk and macrocarpa feature screen
Interesting aspects
Curved floating boardwalk and macrocarpa feature screen
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Thelma Meyer is Landscaping Consultant of Tailormade Designs Ltd, a franchisee of Zones Outdoor Renovations Ltd, doing business in Auckland.

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