Subtropical oasis garden transformation in Tauranga

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Subtropical garden transformation in Tauranga, New Zealand

These homeowners embraced their coastal surroundings by re-establishing their garden as a subtropical haven.

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Situated in beautiful Papamoa Beach, this property doubles as a home and holiday location. Wanting to upgrade their garden, the homeowners contacted Zones Landscaping for advice that would carry through to installment.

Right away, they were introduced to Nichola Vague, their local Landscaping Specialist, who was by their side throughout the entire project. 

Creating the Design

Nichola began the project with a briefing to discuss any main objectives. For the homeowners, what they wanted was a healthy garden with a subtropical atmosphere. They wanted an experience.

Other key considerations included the landscape’s size, current fixtures and the soak holes that dotted around the property. As it was, the urban garden had narrow side yards, existing decks and a courtyard. It was a small space, which made it all the more important to plan carefully around the soak holes.  

The homeowners were happy with the existing structural work but they wanted to see it bloom. Nichola worked on this idea when building concepts to ensure she created a solution that would bring the landscape to life. 

During this process, she and her landscaping team devised a series of possibilities for the homeowners. Once they met their perfect match, the concept went straight to the designers who sketched it up in detail. 

Timeline & Costings 

The chosen look was vibrant, leafy and with contemporary characteristics. Nichola and her team next assessed this plan and every finer detail to determine the final budget and timeline. 

All up, it would cost $60,000 and her landscaping team could have it completed in three short weeks. Happy with these requirements, the homeowners went ahead with construction. 

Undergoing Construction

A standout feature of the overall construction is the white, large-scale pavers installed down the narrow sides of the house. Though the yard was small, using light-toned pavers was a strategic design decision that created the illusion of more space.

Making further use of the space, the homeowners chose to install a gas fireplace on their deck. This fixture added an element of function to their garden, which became the contemporary centrepiece for their outdoor entertaining.

To create the desired subtropical atmosphere, the landscape design planned for new planting throughout the garden. The landscaping team gathered several plant types for the vibrant yet lavish combination that made the lush surrounding backdrop. The homeowners got particularly involved with this element; from choosing the specimen palms through to final placement. Everything needed that personal touch for their ultimate outdoor experience.

A Beautiful Result

Nichola and her team delivered the dream; a subtropical atmosphere in coastal Papamoa. The garden that once felt small and empty, completely transformed into an oasis. 

These high-end results came down to Nichola and her landscaping team. They designed strategically to create more space and executed each step with careful artistry. It’s an all-round dedication that you indeed find in the beautiful results.

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This project was completed in
November 2020
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Project description
Subtropical oasis garden
New Zealand
Project duration
3 weeks
Cost estimate
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Interesting aspects
A vibrant, leafy look with contemporary characteristics
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