We New Zealanders love our decks; often we invest a lot into creating the right deck for our homes as they are an extension of our living space. In order to keep your deck in good condition and looking better for longer, it is important to undertake regular maintenance. 

At all times you should try to keep your deck free from leaf litter and large non-fixed objects such as pot plants as these may hold moisture on the top of the deck. 

Please see below for tips on how to clean your deck.

New Zealand Radiata Pine Decking Maintenance:

  • Clean your Radiata Pine deck with an appropriate deck cleaner solution every six to 12 months to keep it free from dirt and to minimise any surface mould. 
  • Apply a suitable deck cleaner solution such as Wattyl Forestwood Deck & TimberPrep (available at your local PlaceMakers branch). Following the instructions and applying the cleaner to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Ensure you leave the cleaner for the recommended period of time before washing down. 
  • When the time has come to wash down a pressure washer is the best tool for the job. Be careful to not overdo it though as concentrating on one spot for too long or holding the nozzle too close to the deck can damage the deck. 
  • Once the deck has dried completely you can leave it to weather naturally or refinish with an appropriate stain, paint or sealer. If you choose one of these options follow all instructions carefully. 

Hardwood Decking Maintenance: 

  • Hardwood decking should be cleaned with a stiff brush every 6 to 12 months to clear gaps and minimise any surface mould.
  • Hardwood decking is suitable for water blasting however it is important to do so at a low pressure so no to damage the fibres of the board. Particular care must be taken not to stop at the end of strokes but to lift the nozzle away when change direction. 
  • To remove any build-up of resin or extracts that can leach out of hardwood decking, particularly Kwila wash your deck down with a solution such as Wattyl Forestwood Deck & TimberPrep (available at your local PlaceMakers branch). 

For more on deck maintenance check out page 19 of the PlaceMakers Landscape Catalogue, find it in-store or online at http://www.placemakers.co.nz/products/landscaping/

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