Creating a Low-Maintenance Landscape in Tauranga: A Step-by-Step Guide

Low maintenance landscaping ideas with low maintenance plants with a deck installation in Tauranga

If you want your garden to look great, but don’t want to spend hours weeding, mulching, and mowing, then let Zones help you design and build a beautiful low-maintenance garden. We’re landscape gardening experts when it comes to low-maintenance gardens in Tauranga, so whether you want advice on suitable shrubs and plants, easy-care gardens on a budget, or how to incorporate a deck into your minimalist landscape design, we can help! We’ve delivered beautiful low-maintenance backyard landscaping all around Tauranga, so read some of our handy tips below or book a free consultation to chat about landscape gardening ideas.

What is the low-maintenance landscape?

A low-maintenance landscape is one that uses specific planning, planting, and hardscaping to create a backyard that requires less effort to maintain than a regular garden. It often limits lawn space in favour of decking, patios, pebbles, and pavers, and focuses on choosing hardy plants that are drought tolerant and evergreen. Installing irrigation systems and ready turf can also help keep things ultra-easy in the backyard. By creating a well-planned low-maintenance garden, homeowners are still rewarded with an attractive yard but don’t have to spend their spare time weeding and mowing!

Low maintenance doesn’t mean low interest. Add pops of colour in pots, choose attractive ground cover, and plan a deck or patio for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. Your local Zones Consultant can help you design low maintenance landscaping ideas  that are perfect for your home. Book a free consultation to discuss your low maintenance landscaping ideas with Zones today!

Composite deck installation with low-maintenance garden plants

Importance of ground preparation and planning

Perennial weeds are stubborn, so if you want to avoid spending your leisure time grubbing them out, investing in good ground preparation is key. Your Zones landscaping specialist can take care of all the behind-the-scenes preparation for you, including removal of existing weeds, soil support such as sheep pellets and mulch, quality garden mix, and weed matting under pebbles or stone.

Proper planning at the beginning of your project is also important to the success of your low- maintenance garden. Reduce lawn, think clean and simple lines or bold curves, include mowing strips for easy maintenance, create interest through rocky walkways and features, and plan for low fuss hardscaping in the form of a deck or pergola.

Pick low maintenance plants 

Choosing easy maintenance garden plants and landscaping bushes means less weeding, less mulching, and less watering – which means more time for you to do the things you really want to do! Choosing drought resistant or low-maintenance landscaping plants is the smart way to keep your garden looking lush even in the heat of summer while being easy-care and sustainable.

Lavender, hydrangea, protea, and eryngium (sea holly) are all low-maintenance outdoor plants that add loads of colour, while New Zealand natives such as flax, manuka, astelia solandri, and coprosma are options that are well adapted to coastal conditions.

Groundcovers are a boon to the low-maintenance garden. When planted correctly, they offer a beautiful carpet of texture and color, with the bonus of being a natural weed barrier. Try creeping thyme, pratia angulata, and dichondra silver falls for attractive options. Groundcovers are also ideal for low-maintenance front yard landscaping. 

Swimming pool and deck installation with low maintenance garden plants

Low-maintenance landscaping ideas

One of the best low-maintenance garden ideas is to limit your lawn area. Less grass = less mowing! Instead, focus on hardscaping to keep things easy-care while still being attractive. A deck or patio is a perennial favourite when it comes to low-maintenance backyards as they are both functional and stylish. 

Composite decking is a particularly low-maintenance option that can look fabulous for years without the need for painting or staining. Low-maintenance landscaping with rocks, pebbles, and pavers are also easy-care options. This Tauranga home with a private spa area is a great example of mixing hard and soft landscaping.

For added interest, mix the materials in your fencing, decking, paving, and seating to add visual interest to your backyard and soften the aesthetics without fussy flowerbeds. Combine with low-maintenance hedges and plants for a beautiful design that works around your lifestyle. This beautiful Papamoa home used hardwood decking wrapped around the home and pool area for a stunning low-maintenance look.

Social area with low maintenance garden plants

Ready to create a stunning low-maintenance garden?

Reclaim your leisure time by creating a beautiful low-maintenance garden design with Zones. Our local consultants offer free, one-hour consultations, so get in touch today to start planning your dream backyard. 

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