We’ve broken all of the essentials down so that you can easily plan, choose and complete an outdoor room design.

Choosing the right outdoor coverage Back to top

Pergolas, shade sails, permanent roofing and louvre roofs...there are a lot of outdoor shelter options out there. The question is, what style suits your home and budget? The following articles cover what your options are and also propose a few creative ideas. 

How much does outdoor coverage cost? Back to top

Find out why louvre roofs are popping up everywhere and what type of outdoor coverage is best for those of us on a tight budget. Outdoor shelter options and costs are covered in detail in this article.

Some popular options include

  • Shade sails ($2,500-$3,000 +)
  • Permanent outdoor coverage (from $5,000+)
  • Opening louvre roofs (DIY: $8,500+ - custom/professionally installed: $25,000+).

Read the full cost estimate for Outdoor Coverage

Top 5 pergola styles Back to top

If you didn’t realise that there is a pergola style for every budget, you’re in for a treat. Check out this article to learn about the pros and cons of opening louvre roof pergolas, pitched pergolas, promenade pergolas, gabled pergolas and open-top pergolas. There’s something for every requirement, including carports, spa pools, gardens and luxurious outdoor living.  

How much does it cost to build an outdoor room? Back to top

When it comes to romantic evenings, lounging indoors just doesn’t compare to fireside stargazing. Outdoor rooms provide a personalised way to enjoy nature in style.How much does it cost to build an outdoor room? explains how you can add a valuable living space to your home, starting from $20,000. 

Modern Greenhouse Guide Back to top

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, we bring you another creative idea for outdoor rooms and shelters: Greenhouses. Greenhouse designs are becoming increasingly innovative and are now being used as homes, conservatories, kitchens and more. Our Modern Greenhouse Guide covers everything from designs and costs through to planting and heating.

privacy created with pergola

FAQs for creating an outdoor kitchen Back to top

If you want to take your dinner parties outdoors and are keen on more than a basic BBQ, take a look at these outdoor room ideas - starting from $15,000. We answer some of your most frequently asked questions such as “do I need a permit?” “what type of shelter should I consider?” and “where’s the best place for an outdoor kitchen?” Take a look at our Outdoor Kitchen Guide

outdoor kitchen

How to achieve privacy in your backyard Back to top

From privacy screens to hedging, we guide you through your outdoor privacy options. Considering a resort-like gazebo or sheltered deck? Great! We’ll show you multiple ways to create a unique and secluded retreat. Unsure of what materials are most suited to the outdoors? We discuss the benefits of aluminium. Find out more about achieving privacy in your backyard

privacy created with pergola

How to create an inviting outdoor space Back to top

The final touches

If you’re outdoor coverage design and build is underway and you’re looking to add that final touch of pizzazz, take advice from the following:


How to create an inviting outdoor space

So you’ve figured out the materials, design and layout of your outdoor space - now it’s time to think about the furniture and decor! Get inspired by these outdoor furniture, accessory and lighting ideas.  


Tips and tricks for planting a shaded garden

If you would like to add some life to your outdoor room but don’t know what plants are suited to a shady setting, these tips and tricks are for you. Find out what New Zealand natives prefer the shade, what you should consider when purchasing soil and why bursts of colour could be just what your outdoor room needs.    

Start planning! Back to top

If you would like some help getting started, be sure to check out these important considerations and our landscape planning checklist. From there,get in touch to schedule a free consultation with your local Zones landscaping specialist.