titoki tree fruit
Ali Undorf

General Information
The Titoki tree is a popular urban Native that has attractive glossy green leaves and a spreading canopy.  With it’s small red fruits, the Titoki attracts native birds such as the New Zealand Wood Pigeon and it’s leaves and oil are a natural insect repellant.
The Titoki will grow to 4-8m but responds well to trimming and shaping and in suitable conditions will grow approx 300-500 mm per year.  As another rough guide you would expect a Titoki to be about 5m high after 10 years.
Titoki are OK with a wide range of light conditions, and will thrive in either full sun or partial shade.
Planting Information

  1. Titoki prefer a well drained soil.  Therefore if you are planting in heavy clay then the tree will benefit from a deep layer of mulch to keep the roots cool and moist during dry conditions.
  2. When selecting your planting site, consider the location of underground services or obstructions that might get in the way as the tree grows.
  3. Once you have chosen the planting site, dig a hole approximately 1/3 larger than the container.
  4. Carefully remove the tree from the container, being careful not to disturb or damage the root mass, and position the plant in the hole.
  5. Back fill the hole with a mixture of the original soil and a slow release fertilizer and then compact the soil around the tree.   It is also a good idea to place some mulch around the base of the tree as it grows.
  6. The tree should be protected from strong winds with a garden stake until the tree is well established.
  7. Water the tree immediately after planting and continue to water regularly as it establishes itself.
  8. Watch and enjoy your Titoki tree grow!

titoki tree foliage


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