What is Pool Landscaping and How Can it Transform Your Space?

Poolscape with stairs and floaties

What is pool landscaping?

Pool landscaping, or poolscaping, is a general term in the landscaping industry used to describe a pool and the surrounding area’s design. Poolscaping includes plants, patios, decking, water features, sculptural aspects, and more. There’s nothing wrong with a pool without accoutrement, but a well-designed poolscape elevates a plain yard and can be tailored to any design style, budget, and landscape! 

How a pool landscaping can transform your outdoor space

Aside from providing unparalleled ambience, a poolscape has the potential to transform your landscape in a number of ways. Incorporating an outdoor entertainment space instantly multiplies your property’s living area, which not only maximises usability, it also has the potential to increase the property value. In a crowded urban setting, a clever landscape design creates privacy and seclusion from neighbours. But most importantly, bringing your designs to life nurtures your connection to your property and makes it feel even more like home. 

Outdoor pool installation in Welcome Bay with glass fence
Waterfront property landscape in Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Pool landscaping design ideas

Low-maintenance xeriscaping

Pools take upkeep, but the surrounding landscape doesn’t have to. Xeriscaping is a low-maintenance approach to landscaping that requires minimal attention and little to no watering. 

  • Artificial turf
  • Drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cacti
  • Rock, sand, and mulch
Outdoor pool with a tropical garden and free standing pergola

Lush tropical garden

Sometimes it’s better to let your pool become an accessory instead of the focal point, and having an abundance of lush tropical plants around the pool does just that. Play around with the many colours and textures of native blooms like Chatham Island forget-me-nots, Kākābeak, or Mount Cook lilies!

  • Built-in water features
  • Palm trees
  • Organically shaped pools

Chic resort-style lounge

Resort-style poolscaping is all about creating ambience! Think about the last great holiday you went on. From furniture placement to day-to-night transitions, all the details were intentional and well-thought-out. 

  • Gas fire pits
  • Bespoke lighting
  • Zero-entry pool design
Outdoor pool at night with outdoor lighting and wall attached pergola

Pool Landscaping FAQs

Can you create a poolscape for an above-ground pool?

Absolutely! At Zones’, our pool landscaping experts have created custom poolscapes for all types of pools, including container pools, in-ground pools, spa pools, infinity pools, and anything else you can think of!

What safety features should I include in my poolscape?

Having a pool comes with responsibility. To have a compliant pool in Tauranga, your poolscape must include a safety barrier; this applies to pools 400mm or deeper. Building consent is also required to install a pool safety barrier.

There are also some expectations and specific regulations that apply to above-ground and temporary pools, which you can read here on the Tauranga Council’s website

How long does it take to build a poolscape?

Timelines are completely dependent on each individual project. Pool installation is no doubt the most significant portion of any landscape timeline, so if that’s already done, building a poolscape around it will be much faster. However, if you’re starting from scratch, expect a project like that to take a few months, at minimum, with time beforehand dedicated to designs and planning. 

Do pools require a lot of maintenance?

Unless you hire a team to take care of it, you can expect some level of upkeep to make sure your pool stays in great condition. To get a better idea of what that entails, check out this article, where we explore ways you can maintain or enhance your pool in Tauranga

Outdoor furniture beside pool

Want to relax by the pool in style?

Get in touch with our team to make it happen! Our Tauranga Landscaping Consultants offer free consultations to discuss your swimming pool landscaping ideas and help come up with a plan to bring them to life.

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