Adding a pergola to your outdoor living space is one of the most cost-effective ways that you can add usable space to your home. A pergola allows you to enjoy your outdoor areas, and views, in comfort and privacy.

Done right, installing a pergola structure could effectively create another room in your house. It’s an opportunity to utilise Zones Landscaping Specialists design flair to bring your backyard to life.

While there are many different types in the market including cheap pergola versions available online, it will pay to check that the Pergola that you choose is backed by warranties and after-sales service.

1. Opening Louvre Roof Pergola

Argueably the most stylish option of all pergola systems, the opening Louvre Roof Pergola will create resort-style luxury at home, the Eclipse Opening Roof systems can block the heat out by simply closing the roof or opening it slightly for shaded ventilation. You are in control of how much sunlight or shade you would like in your outdoor living space.

Opening Louvre Roof Pergola
Opening Louvre Roof Pergola designed by Jules Moore

The Eclipse Opening Roof Range and Sun Louvre System provide a reliable and stylish option to enhance the outdoor living areas.

2. Pitched Pergola

Pitched Pergolas slope downward on one end - these type of Pergolas tend to be attached on one end. Attaching a pitched pergola to your home could create the feeling of extended living space and more seamless indoor-outdoor flow.

Pitched Pergola
Pitched Pergola


3. Promenade Pergola

If you have spent any time in Fiji, you will be very familiar with this style, popular in many resorts. These are great for creating drama in your walkway and like the open-top pergola provide a great opportunity to plant climbing plants to transform your outdoor living space.

Promenade Pergola
Promenade Pergola


4. Gabled Pergola

Installing a gabled pergola will enable you to create an outdoor living space that enhances the feeling of being indoors but with the benefit of being outdoors. They also work well as a carport solution. 

Gabled Pergola
A Gabled Pergola designed and installed by our team of landscaping specialists in Christchurch


5. Open-Top Pergola

Open-top Pergola designs are proving very popular in New Zealand, particularly around spa pools. They provide the feeling of comfort of being in a room or protected space, but still, allow for natural light and a breeze to a path through unobstructed. You could ask your Zones Landscape Designer the cost for an outdoor covering and to install pegs to assist with the growth of climbing plants like roses or vines that in time could create a beautiful natural canopy.

Open Top Pergola In New Zealand
Open-Top Pergola built using Macrocarpa by Judd Stratful and his team of landscaping specialists

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