Outdoor Kitchens in Waitakere, Auckland

Modern outdoor kitchen with concrete outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen Designers in Waitakere, West Auckland

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, so why not turn your Waitakere backyard into the epicentre of your home with an outdoor kitchen? Look no further than Zones for step-by-step guidance to create your outdoor cooking oasis. Get in touch with us today to arrange a free consultation.

Transform Waitakere backyards into stunning outdoor kitchen designs

At Zones we take the headache out of your backyard project with our five-step Zones process that ensures your landscape transformation is delivered on-time and on-budget. We are there from your outdoor kitchen’s inception to its completion. 

Your local Landscaping Consultant will be your single point of contact for the duration of your project. They’ll discuss your ideas, source inspiration, and assess the feasibility of your vision to provide a project estimate. This step of the design-and-build process aligns your expectations and budget early on to avoid unpleasant cost surprises down the road.

Your Landscaping Consultant will also source the best suppliers and tradespeople in West Auckland for the build. Preferred suppliers deliver loyal service (and in some cases, trade discounts) so you benefit from top quality at the right price. You will receive a fixed-quote, a realistic time-frame, and be informed of any required council consents. What’s more, your Landscaping Consultant will manage the team of contractors commissioned to deliver on your project, maintaining clear communication with you during the entire project. The end result? A stunning outdoor kitchen you’ll be proud of.

Explore Zones® Waitakere's Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping Services in West Auckland

Zones offers a wide range of premium landscaping services. Our Landscaping Consultants have diverse networks of construction professionals and suppliers for all of your landscaping projects, including your outdoor kitchen. Embrace alfresco dining with space to prep, serve, cook, and entertain.

Our outdoor kitchen services include:

  • Project management
  • Design and build of outdoor kitchens
  • Sourcing and installation of outdoor appliances
  • Custom outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor BBQ kitchens
  • Outdoor refrigeration
  • BBQ island
  • Outdoor fireplace and pizza oven 
  • Outdoor kitchen counter dimensions 
  • Planning for space and comfort
  • Site installation

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Outdoor kitchen with a stone wall

What to consider when designing and building an outdoor kitchen in Waitakere

There are countless outdoor kitchen ideas for your New Zealand home, but it’s important to first consider its location. Will your kitchen be attached to your current home or will you create a defined, free standing space? Will you have protection from the elements? Read on for both open and covered outdoor kitchen ideas in New Zealand.

Outdoor kitchen ideas in Waitakere, Auckland

Embrace the beauty of outdoor living in Waitakere. Enjoy sunshine and fresh air as you prepare meals and make lasting memories with loved ones in your new outdoor kitchen. Your Landscaping Consultant will offer suggestions and inspiration to help you choose an outdoor kitchen design and layout that best suits your property and needs.

Top tips to maximise your small outdoor kitchen space

A smaller space does not mean you need to sacrifice style or functionality. Opt for a linear layout with one long bench that houses your prepping, cooking, and serving space with plenty of storage underneath. Another option is a galley kitchen with two benches facing one another to offer more workspace for multiple cooks. Turn one side of the bench into a bar area to make the space more social.

What are some popular outdoor kitchen layouts and configurations in Waitakere?

For easy entertaining, consider an outdoor barbecue kitchen island. These standalone stations house your appliances and outdoor cabinets, and bring the focal point to the cook. L-shaped and U-shaped kitchens are also popular because their multi-sided shapes are functional and allow space for movement around the kitchen. 

Weather changes quickly in Waitakere, so consider options to enjoy your outdoor kitchen no matter the conditions. A popular weather-safe configuration is a covered outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven or in-built barbecue. Outdoor entertaining doesn’t have to be governed by the elements! 

Pergolas can give your outdoor space a sleek look while doubling in functionality, providing shade and protection from the elements. Our Landscaping Consultants will source the best weather-smart choices for your style and budget.

Outdoor kitchen with better lightning and with a swimming pool

What are the best materials for building an outdoor kitchen in Waitakere, Auckland?

Unlike your indoor cooking space, outdoor kitchens won’t be enclosed by four walls - instead, your countertops and outdoor kitchen bench will define the space. Concrete is a popular material for your outdoor kitchen as it is water-resistant, durable, and creates a clean, natural look that effortlessly blends with your backyard. Try stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets to complete the look.

Natural stone is a durable material for flooring and compliments the beauty of your outdoor oasis. Your Landscaping Consultant can help you choose the right materials for your project and source top-quality suppliers.

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost in Waitakere, Auckland?

Budget $30,000 to $40,000* to build a mid-range outdoor kitchen. Your Landscaping Consultant will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate before the build begins.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Zones Landscaping Consultant. 

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Are there any local regulations or permits required for outdoor kitchens in Auckland Waitakere?

Your Landscaping Consultant will arrange for all permits to be obtained before the construction of your outdoor kitchen takes place.

Let’s discuss your dream outdoor kitchen!

Ready to turn your outdoor living dreams into reality? The Landscaping Consultants at Zones are experts at completing all kinds of home landscaping projects and we offer a free, no-obligation, one-hour consultation. Get in touch with us today to talk about our design-and-build process for your stunning outdoor kitchen in West Auckland.