Creating indoor-outdoor flow for your Auckland Central property

Balcony and sliding door

Indoor-outdoor flow is a quintessential part of modern home and landscape design, especially in Auckland Central. But it’s a concept that’s not so easy to master on your own, so we’re breaking it down for you!

What is indoor-outdoor flow?

You’ve probably heard this commonly used design term, but in case you haven’t, indoor-outdoor flow is used to describe seamlessly blending an outdoor living space with an interior room like a lounge or kitchen. This could be via double French doors, a covered sunroom, or any other design technique that brings two living spaces together. Moving between living areas should be effortless, making entertaining a breeze. 

This family-friendly backyard in Northcote Point is a great example of how to create indoor-outdoor flow. The outdoor living room and the indoor dining area are connected by a massive trio of glass doors, so even if they’re closed, the space isn’t divided. 

Components of an outdoor living area

Hot sunny summers. Mild (albeit wet) winters. If you’re going to invest in an outdoor living area, Auckland is the place to do it. And while everyone’s priorities are different, there are a few must-haves when it comes to outdoor living. 

Placing a designated seating area, whether it be lounge or dining, on the way inside is a great way to encourage natural movement and break up a larger layout. Add a louvre or pergola to give you shelter from the elements, and you’re well on your way to a fantastic outdoor living area. 

Features like spa pools and fireplaces, while not completely necessary, can be a great focal point to anchor your design or a hidden treasure for private relaxation. 

Essential design principles for seamless indoor-outdoor flow


When it comes to achieving flow through your home, it’s important to create sight lines and paths of travel that are as uninterrupted as possible. If your L-shaped landscape can’t accommodate the direct entry point you want, consider strategically placed floor to ceiling windows which can help blur the lines between living areas and cultivate a sense of openness and connectivity. 


Consistent choices are crucial when bringing two living areas together. This doesn’t mean you need to build a rimu deck to match your native timber kitchen floors, but colour palettes, architectural details, and overall design styles should remain consistent. For example, an ultra-modern landscape with clean lines, sleek furnishings, and materials like glass and concrete, will undoubtedly clash with rich fabrics, antique furniture, and ornate woodwork found in a traditional interior design. Remember, the point is cohesion!


Don’t underestimate the power of functional elements such as lighting, heating, and shelter! Intentional integration does wonders to enhance the flow of things. Imagine having to go inside every time the sun went down or a breeze kicked up. Or having to constantly close the lounge doors because of the smoke from a poorly placed barbecue. Where’s the flow in that?  

Enhancing the flow of your Auckland Central landscape with Zones

Landscape design is challenging enough on its own, but with the additional task of ensuring it flows effortlessly into an interior? Now you definitely need the keen eye of a professional! When working with the team at Zones, your main point of contact will be your Landscaping Consultant, but you’ll have access to their extensive network of behind-the-scenes industry experts. From designers and contractors to specialists and engineers, whatever is needed to ensure your outdoor living area blends seamless with your interiors is at your fingertips.  

Want your landscape to flow?

Get in touch with the team at Zones Landscaping in Auckland Central to book a consultation to discuss your goals, budget, and vision for your project.

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