Landscaping in Wellington: Outdoor Planning, Design, and Build Services

From backyard pools to outdoor dining rooms, poolscapes to landscapes, decking to fencing, there’s no shortage of improvements you can do to your outdoor space. The real challenge comes in designing your landscape.

Whether it’s a minimalist look you’re going for (like these homeowners in Porirua), a sustainable backyard, or a stylish splash zone around the pool, that’s where the experts at Zones Landscaping Wellington come into play. 

Whatever landscaping services you need in Wellington, they’re your first point of call. From concept plans and designs to installation and construction, get in touch with the team today.

Things to consider when building an outdoor living structure

A popular addition to many Wellington backyards is an outdoor structure, that enables you to maximise the use of your backyard space all year round. Outdoor pergolas, awnings, and louvre roofs give you shade and shelter from Wellington’s weather – and we all know the city can have four seasons in one day! 

If you’re considering the addition of an outdoor living structure in your backyard, there are a few things to consider during the design phase to make sure it’s a successful choice:

How much space do you have? An outdoor living structure can take up a lot of real estate so make sure your grand designs match the space you have to work in.

Attached or detached? Do you want the outdoor structure to be attached or detached from the home? Although you may have a preference, place consideration on the aesthetics of the structure as well and how it aligns with your home’s style and character.

How much cover do you need? Are you planning to cover the whole deck from the sun and rain or do you just want an extension to your living or dining room? The size of your outdoor structure will also have an impact on cost so if budget is a consideration, make sure to factor that in!

5 Steps to create a better outdoor landscaping

At Zones, our Landscaping Consultants work to make your life easier. Whatever plans you have for your backyard entertainment area, with the Zones team at the helm of your project, you’ll enjoy a straightforward and seamless experience.

Here’s what they offer when it comes to outdoor planning, design and build services in Wellington:

1.    A plan

You may have the ideas, but your local Landscape Consultant can bring them to life. The first step in our outdoor landscaping service offering is taking your ideas and packaging them into a landscape design that meets both your lifestyle and your home’s style.

2.    Expert advice

From outdoor kitchen designs to outdoor fireplace and pizza oven plan, it’s easy to be brimming with ideas of what you want to do in your backyard but not all of them will be suitable for your property. That’s where the expert advice form our Landscaping Consultant is of value. Drawing on their experience of transforming other properties, they’ll be able to offer expert advice on what you need to achieve your dream backyard.

3.    Consent and regulations

Adding in a pool? You’ll need consent. Building a fence? You’ll need to check council regulations. When it comes to landscaping, there can be some paperwork required before the job can begin. That’s all part of the Zones outdoor planning, design and build services. Your local Landscaping Consultant will take care of the documentation and application of any requirements you need to get the job done.

4.    Building and construction

Often one of the most exciting parts of the project, the building and constructing phase really starts to bring your landscape plans to life. But this can also be the stage where a lot of juggling of services and trades is needed. Once again, that’s the role of our local Landscaping Consultant. They’ll ensure everyone on the job is there when they need to be and, if schedules change, they’ll juggle it accordingly.

5.    Planting with purpose

While the hardscaping is certainly a fun part of your garden transformation, it’s the planting that brings those finishing touches to the look and feel of your landscape. For the ultimate in outdoor landscaping, a planting plan will outline what needs to be planted, when, and where and your local Landscape Consultant can take care of that.

You might also find this landscape planning checklist useful as you embark on your garden transformation.

Zones outdoor landscaping services in Wellington

At Zones, our local Landscape Consultants work with a trusted network of trades professionals within the capital, so whatever backyard entertainment area ideas you have, however big the pool is that you want to install, or however long, high, or wide you need that boundary fence to be built, they know the people for the job.

Here are a few of the outdoor planning, design and build services we offer in Wellington. We also have a landscape design checklist to help get you started:

Our team can also help with transforming your tiny backyard into something special. 

Ready to talk about your dream landscape?

Whatever vision you have for your landscape, whatever ideas you have for your backyard, get expert advice and information from the professionals to transform your property. Start the journey today with a free consultation.

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