Designing your outdoor entertainment area in Windy Wellington

Outdoor entertainment space

While you can’t beat the capital’s climate on a good day, living in ‘Windy Wellington’ means embracing the elements, especially when it comes to designing your outdoor entertainment area. With a bit of foresight and the right strategies, you can create a space that both withstands the wind and allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Understanding the windy environment

Before diving into design ideas, it's essential to understand the challenges posed by Wellington's Cook Strait location. The region is categorised into different 'wind zones' based on the average wind speed and direction. These zones dictate the precautions necessary for outdoor structures and furniture.

When selecting furniture for your outdoor entertainment area, opt for sturdy materials such as treated wood, metal or heavy-duty plastics. Lightweight items are prone to tipping over or being damaged in strong winds. Consider investing in wind-resistant outdoor furniture specifically designed for windy areas.

Designing for windy zones

Creating wind barriers around your outdoor space can significantly reduce the impact of strong gusts. Utilise features like glass windbreaks for decks or windbreak fences to shield your entertainment area. Strategic placement of tall shrubs or compact trees can also serve as natural windbreaks while adding greenery to your surroundings.

Roofed entertainment areas or outdoor covered spaces can provide protection from wind and rain, allowing you to entertain regardless of the weather. Such structures can be customised to accommodate your aesthetic preferences, practical needs, and budget. 

Sheltered outdoor living spaces 

Landscaping services in Wellington often emphasise the creation of sheltered outdoor living spaces. These areas are designed to maximise comfort and functionality while minimising exposure to wind. Incorporating elements like pergolas or verandas can provide partial shelter while still allowing for ample airflow.

Weather-resistant outdoor lighting

When considering outdoor lighting for your entertainment area, prioritise weather-resistant fixtures. LED lights and fixtures with durable housing materials are ideal choices, ensuring your outdoor lighting remains operational and safe, whatever the weather.  

Wind-safe outdoor heating options

Extend the usability of your outdoor entertainment area into the cooler months by incorporating wind-safe heating options. Electric heaters or fire pits designed for outdoor use provide warmth and comfort without the risk of being extinguished by strong winds. Ensure proper placement and installation to maintain safety while enjoying your outdoor space.

Wind-resistant pergola styles

Pergolas offer a versatile and stylish solution for outdoor entertainment areas in windy climates. Opt for designs with sturdy construction and consider features like adjustable louvres or retractable canopies to adapt to changing weather conditions. Consulting with experts in landscaping and outdoor design can help you choose the best pergola style for your specific needs.

Tiered plantings for windy gardens

Incorporating tiered plantings into your garden design can help mitigate the impact of wind while adding visual interest to your outdoor space. Choose wind-resistant plant varieties and arrange them strategically to create natural wind barriers. Such plantings can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor entertainment area, contributing to a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

The best materials to use

When selecting materials for outdoor structures and furniture, prioritise durability and weather resistance. Hardwoods like teak or cedar, as well as metal alloys such as aluminium, are excellent choices for withstanding Wellington's windy conditions. If you want to ensure your outdoor entertainment area remains functional and attractive for years to come, opt for high-quality materials that are designed to last.

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