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Are you ready to give your garden a makeover? Have you moved house and want to make your mark on your new garden? Or perhaps you’ve built new and your landscape is the last thing on your to do list.

Whatever landscaping needs you have, Zones Landscaping can provide you with inspiration and ideas as well as the project management required to bring your garden to reality. Get in touch with your local Wellington Zones Landscaping Partner today.

Why choose Zones Landscaping?

Zones Landscaping wants to make your landscaping project easy, enjoyable, stress-free, and successful. And, with our approach to tackling landscaping projects big and small, we can deliver.

So, what’s the secret to the Zones approach? It’s all in the communication. Your local Wellington Zones Landscaping Partner will be your single point of contact for the duration of your project. Working with you on the concept and design of your landscape through to overseeing the construction of each element of your landscaping project, you’ll only ever need to communicate with your Landscaping Partner.

And while you may liaise directly with them, your local Wellington Landscaping Partner will coordinate all of the different aspects involved in your landscaping project. From council consents to sourcing contractors and materials, they’ll work with their trusted network of suppliers and keep your project running smoothly.

By managing any risks in your landscaping project, your local Zones Wellington landscaping contractor can keep your project tracking on time and to budget, leaving you to simply enjoy the process and the final result! Check out our structured five step process for all your landscaping projects.

Outdoor landscaping with bright lightning in Wellington

What landscaping services do Zones Landscaping provide?

Zones Landscaping offers a diversity of premium landscaping services. To achieve great results and quality workmanship on your landscaping project, your local Wellington Landscaping Partner will work with their trusted network of construction professionals and suppliers. 

Our landscaping services include:

Outdoor entertainment area with pergola installation

What are popular landscaping ideas in Wellington?

Changing times have meant many of us are spending more time at home, and with that comes more time gazing out the window at our backyards. This has meant our back - and front - gardens have become that extra addition to our home and making sure that space is functional for a range of purposes has become a requirement of many a landscaping project.

Outdoor seating, with cover from shade and storms, is a popular landscaping idea in Wellington. This may come in the form of a pergola or louvres, a conservatory or a covered canopy, either close to the house or in a private space within the garden.

With more and more pools being installed on properties, landscaping a splash zone around the pool is another popular landscaping idea in Wellington. Maximising the area around the pool to incorporate lounging space as well as entertainment space nearby ensures homeowners can have an area for a range of purposes.

Despite more time being spent at home, low maintenance landscaping remains popular. The use of paving stones, pebbles, bark, and raised garden beds help to keep gardening requirements to a minimum, without losing out on style or design.

For more landscaping ideas, get in touch with your local Wellington Zones Landscaping Partner.

Outdoor living area with cushion seatings
Outdoor living area with cushion seatings

What are some affordable landscaping ideas in Wellington?

Affordable landscaping ideas in Wellington usually have one thing in common - maintenance is kept to a minimum! 

Laying quality lawn or artificial turf as a focal point in the garden is a cost-effective way to create liveable space. Surrounded with boxed gardens or raised vegetable planting can also turn a simple space into an area for enjoyment as well as reward.

Creating separate outdoor living areas with clean simple lines made from boxing, paving, concrete paths, or ornamental stones is another way to maximise your landscape. It’s ideas like these that can benefit from the expert knowledge that Zones Landscaping Partners have.

Get in touch with your local Zones Wellington Landscaping Partner today for more affordable landscaping ideas.  

How much does landscaping in Wellington cost?

The cost of landscaping in Wellington depends on the landscape you want to achieve in your garden. Whether it be a mini makeover or a grand design, an addition of a pool or a stylish outdoor dining area, Zones Landscaping have the knowledge and expertise to bring your landscaping ideas to life.

They will also be able to provide you with costs for your landscaping concepts and designs, as well as a timeline and suggestions for keeping your project within budget. Take a look at some of our more recent landscaping projects on our website for ideas and inspiration for your landscaping project.

Get in touch with your local Wellington Zones Landscaping Consultant today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Ready to share your landscaping ideas?

If you want to find out more about the landscaping services in Wellington and what you can achieve with your backyard, talk to the experts at Zones Landscaping today. They specialise in completing home landscaping so get in touch for your free, one-hour, initial consultation.